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  1. Will it PASS Tech?

    See you at Harris hill. We run a 280zx with l28,cam and megasquirt.
  2. Will it PASS Tech?

    Wow! What fuel cell does it have? Hopefully that won't screw you over. Also WRL doesn't care much about adjustable rebound but chump does. Try and claim it as a 280z so you can run a l28 without swap hits, same points. No clue what engine is in there but ECU is free so megasquirt and a cam is a cheap power booster. Where are you located?
  3. What are your failures?

    What car is this?
  4. What are your failures?

    What shape is your tank? How big is the opening? Our tank is wide, deep and short. I guess ideally you want it shaped like a box. You can also run two hydramats to cover more area in your tank, but that was overkill for us. I would just get the 15x15 since that one has the best price point. we had to go with the X design because of wired poop in our tank. Don't want to scare you away from the Hydramat, before the hydramat we would have to stop when we had ~9 gallons left in the tank. Now we can go to less than 5. Fixing the return and I think we will not have any issues.
  5. What are your failures?

    We got one and it helps but we still have starvation issues. The issues with our install: - We have the 15x15, but our tank is big so it only covers a small section. When we reach 5-6 G in the corners and 2-3 G during acceleration there is simply no fuel to pickup... - We have our return NOT pointing at the mat. Point it at the mat and the mat it self will work as a little surge tank. But the mat seems to work as expected, just our install that is a bit flawed.
  6. DIT knock detection questions

    What do you mean by lap scope and RPM point?
  7. DIT knock detection questions

    I guess that is good in a way, since then I only need one knock sensor The first generation cylinder heads was poorly designed but it got much better after 1981 I think. Also the stock EFI is terrible in spark and fuel control but a modern management system obviously solves that.
  8. Hi There are no good bulletproof knock detection systems for my predetenetion prone engine (l28). The stock turbo model has some but its not viable to use. Playing with the idea of having a knock sensor connected to a raspberry pi audio input and do realtime dsp operations to detect knock. This could then be fed to ms for timing adjustment. A few questions: 1. Are some cylinders more knock probe than others or is it randomly distributed? 2. Is 1 knock sensor for all cylinder good enough? That is what stock has. Makes it easy. 3. Is there such a thing as a harmless light knock? 4. Many algoriths use a window 10-70 degrees atdc to detect knock. Wouldn't a detenation happen before that? 5. Is the knock it self very different from the normal combustion? Is the flame front much faster? 6. My plan was to not use a knocking window, is there any other engine events that could be mistaken for a knock? There is a TI app note on how to use DSP for it. They simple do a DFT analysis for a few different predefined frequencies and compare with a threshold. The frequencies are a function of engine size and expected harmonics. They also adaptivly update the threshold when no knock can happen. That requires crank position info. Thanks
  9. Wilwood brake upgrade - points?

    I think they over complicated this time. Why not just say wilwood 4 pistons is 0pts or any non-oem brake for that model is 5pts. Does a 6 piston vs 4piston really matter in chump?
  10. Hi, How would a Michelin Pilot Super sport stack up against the typical 180 TW Chumpcar tire? (Direzza, RS4,etc) Are we talking a second slower or significant? Has anyone tracked a PSS?
  11. That is a ridiculous small tank! Our 1980 280zx has 135hp and has 21 gallons. Have you tried running Megasquirt to improve fuel consumption?
  12. The 1988 (3rd gen) v8 mustangs have 225hp, 3200lbs and are 200pts? Sounds like a lot of power for no points? Do they suck extremely or what's the catch?
  13. Suspension Setup

    What kind of shocks do you have with those springs?
  14. How many pts is this car?? 520 stock and then some extra for swaybars and stuff?
  15. Wilwood brake upgrade - points?

    This is exactly what I am going to do. There is a company that makes these brackets for Z race cars, will get one of those. I makes it possible to attach Ford (I think) wilwood to Z cars. Pricey but I guess safety can cost. Not sure if the rules says anywhere that I have to fab it myself, shouldn't be a difference if it costs $100 for the bracket or if I do it in my garage.