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  1. This is officially the non-official thread. I just wanted to get the photos uploaded and shared as quick as I could. For example, some sweet shots of your car
  2. I got a bunch of photos from the race this weekend! Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/159159306@N07/ Message me if you want any of the original photos here, just give me the link. Note* It is only showing 338 of the 475. Working to figure that out now. Here are a few random cool photos: My Photostream has all of the missing photos here:
  3. https://media.giphy.com/media/DeJ2ifS2V2zlu/giphy.gif
  4. I was hoping to see at least an allowed air check since that is a safety thing.
  5. Road America fall race

    The the car was hooked up great in our last race at Road America. I wish we had a photo of the car Tripodding! *You might see it, if someone uses it as a backup car! We are racing with Plumb Crazy, owned by Tom and his son Alex over here in La Crosse. Back story: I was 10yrs old when I met Tom racing IKF karts with my Dad. Tom was one of them guys who would help everyone in the pits. My dad and him raced in the same class while I raced in the Jr. class. I only got to race him once on a open fun day when when I was 12. In the race I got up behind him straightaway giving him a very slight push so he go into the corner a bit hot. He went a bit wide and I slipped under him. After the race, he gets out of his kart (I found out later he gave a wink to my Dad here) and he came over to my kart, gets in my face and asks "what kind of dirty racing was that!?" I reply "rubbin's racing" and everyone has a good laugh. I'd like to think I learned a lot from that clay pit track growing up. How I'd rather help someone in the pits, and race them on track. And that racers are like family.
  6. Hey you BMW teams, I randomly saw this in my local car group. They have a BMW shell they are giving away for free. Free scrap chassis with title, 740il FREE - Oconomowoc, WI Need this gone in the next couple days, will need to be flat towed, it's missing most suspension components. No engine, transmission, interior, very few useful parts left on it. Wednesday before 1:00 would be best, but I can arrange other times.
  7. Road America fall race

    And for everyone coming this weekend, we'll have a backup car for anyone who wants to pick it up. It sucks to blow up early on the first day, I've been there. At least you can have the option to still keep racing for the rest of the weekend. The car has has already been teched for 2017 and is ready to go. Before someone asks, we considered renting it out. But way too many factors to worry about. As Jeremy Clarkson says about rental cars, they are the: "Fastest car in the world... Until the moment you crash it."
  8. Road America fall race

    Awesome, you might have seen me rolling around in this:
  9. Road America fall race

    I actually work in Onalaska, and we race with Tom and Alex of "Plumb Crazy Racing", the are located in Lacrosse, etc. And one of our drivers Dan (DCA Fabrication), is racing with another team, he's riding up with us. We have lots of chumpy guys in this area! We might have some stories to share, mine are not as exciting as yours, I just do 3D graphic work for a few NASCAR teams. I got to create the original render mesh for the 2018 Camaro. That one was a hard secret to keep!
  10. Road America fall race

    I love how every pre-race discussion about Road America is filled with 50% Racing & 50% beer And I hope the Post-Race one is filled with more people thanking us for being the nicest on-track racers they have ever raced!
  11. I guess you could go about it the other way. Finding a V as a donor and pulling what you need. Copart has few V's right now. Just sayin'
  12. I love the idea of a CTS. We own a 2005 CTS-v and that car is mind blowingly awesome. Tons of power and corners great at autocross events. Question! Why not start with a 2004 CTS-V, and swap out the LS6 with the 3.6 engine, 500 points even. You retain all of that CTS-V beefed up parts, plus with the 14in brakes (From what I read) the hubs can be swapped for 5 lug vette hubs. It's a direct swap so you could keep the ABS. Plus, you could run it with an automatic to -75pts. After you use 20pts to install a large trans cooler, you can use the extra points to run headers, or whatever. While I know removing an LS6 to replace with a v6 is blasphemy, the LS6's are becoming hard to find. I'd bet selling that engine alone would pay for a standard CTS donor car!
  13. Road America fall race

    Man, I tried to get a hold of these people to order photos and never got a reply (unless it got spammed).
  14. People wanting to start a team could sign up for Road America and just show up and race! We would have the up and ready to go + you get to take it home when the weekend is over. And for you outside of Wisconsin we'll toss in a few cases some Blue Moon! You know you want to make us an offer now
  15. Random questions: - If I were to get a cell with the pickup on the right side, could we mount the tank with a slight tilt of an inch or so to the right and tipped back so that the fuel pools in the right rear? - So if the factory tank is in front of the rear wheels, do you have to install the cell in that location, or can you install it in the trunk? It would seem like a harder install if you had to keep it in the same location. If the cell is right behind the main roll bar how would you build a fire wall between the driver and it. Would firewall metal count toward the square foot material point cost. etc...