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  1. Official - Change

    Chumpcar is a better discription, does this mean we'll have to be removing all decals and replacing AGAIN?
  2. nice Olds.. my dad had a 71 convert. here's the 70 11.28 @ 121
  3. nothing wrong with a 305... We are under 500 so I don't see why you couldn't be well under. We have a 5 speed now, I highly recommend it. Also if run the auto use the A/C condenser for your trans cooler...zero points. Cams are now 50. Your numbers are way high. There are shocks...performance shocks the qualify as "stock" Here is our 305 powered 84 TransAm at NJMP. Stock block, pistons, heads, intake and factory electronic carb. Take you time, do some headwork, the 4bbl intakes on these 4bbl 305's are aluminum and can be ported/cleaned up easy. Car is fast and slows up well with our bigbrakeupgrade.com brake kit... you can see on the straightaway passes. 301 84 T/A
  4. my last one was a sublime 440-6 70 Charger, six packs are fun
  5. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    I have an aluminum spoiler off a cup carlo (I think) if anybody wants it.
  6. way OT but my current work in progress
  7. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    yes, but when we built this car it was for the other $500 league, and if we dropped $200 on a wing it would count towards actual cost. They don't play the $10 for this $20 for that. It is $ for $.
  8. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    one more
  9. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    ours cost about $50 or so. Piano hinge and all. and probably 2-3 hours work. I made a template from cardboard and my buddy cut, bent and worked the Lexan.
  10. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    why don't you just make something like this....or this?
  11. ***UPDATE*** Replaced the TPS and no change..uggggggg
  12. Camaro's = boring. One reason I'm Mopar guy. Back in the day you couldn't swing a dead cat w/o hitting a dozen camaro's in the parking lot, next up would be Chevelle's, (turtle body).
  13. go ahead but that's a lot of money to spend for a chump car
  14. One mentioned a converter solenoid. My buddy (ASE guy) said the TPS is a common fault on cars in the low-rpm range and would cause these symptoms. It only does it under "grandma" driving WOT or shifting manually will not cause the issue.
  15. no codes, no engine light. I think it might be a throttle position sensor.