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  1. That's disappointing...Not to say you had my vote already as I have not seen everyone's bios (and as a member of the current Board I should remain neutral) , but I thought it was a viable and good nomination.
  2. You will love it. If you are into motorcycles the museum is a MUST. 2 days to give it justice. The Lotus collection is pretty impressive as well...
  3. Can't remember if you have been to Barber before...???
  4. You are not on the "Unsubscribed" list so email Mike Chisek to make sure you are on the constant contact list...
  5. We are also using the pit row breaks. They are 15/16 and 34/35.
  6. Road America fall race

    MSM? @riche30 visits here fairly often. Don't know if they are planning on being there this year...
  7. 4. Yellow Flags. Once you know where the incident is during a FCY, use the rest of the track to go around 75-80% of racing speed. This should keep the field bunched up nicely. The corner and safety workers appreciate knowing where the gap is so they can work more efficiently when there are NO cars whizzing by them. DON'T be a second pace car; it really frustrates the drivers behind you that are trying to catch the field!!!
  8. Hold the racing line., This makes you predictable so the overtaking driver can plan his move around you.
  9. Not going to be separate after all. I was mistaken. (Happens a lot.) Pit out takes the brunt of those 2 hour stops. At Barber last year I was juggling egg timers like CRAZY. Prolly 15 cars stacked up for the final stop and I was the only one there...
  10. Actually, I'm not sure how it's going to work now. Typically you all complain about us riff raff spoiling your chances for thewin. I'll let the race director figure it out... I'm not so much for the crash and burn thing that Bill likes. I'm not so good at repairing bodywork!!!
  11. LMAO...It's not that, silly person!!! The Chumpionship Contenders will be pitted as a group!!! Besides, isn't @Bill Strong going to be driving your car??? You KNOW how I feel about Bill....
  12. I'm an idiot. Too little sleep; too much beer.
  13. That would be great, but you will be with the racers contending for the Chumpionship...
  14. It's great reading these recaps. but I would ask you to text meat 4 Zero 4, Four 5 Three Nine 1 zero SEVEN with your reports so I can make the race report that I write more detailed. I generally write them on Monday or Tuesday... If email is easier (ohhhhh, I just LOVE "copy and paste") you can send them to doc.waldrop@chumpcar.com or message me here on the forum. Thanks in advance. And PLEASE subscribe to our YouTube channel!!!!!