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  1. Road America fall race

    @NigelStu and his team were our pit mates. We were hoping for a great championship run for them, but it was cut way too short. 😞 At the Lake Street last night, I saw this on their menu and had to have one (well 2) in honor of the old TBR car.
  2. Road America fall race

    All right! Now I'm even happier to have you guys as Pit mates!!
  3. Road America fall race

    RA is up to 78 entries now....
  4. A Safer Refueling System?

    I think that some of you new guys that are coming on the forum and proposing all these changes really need to just come out to a few races and figure out what this is all about before you try to change it
  5. ^^^on the frame rack? Ouch, but glad to see you're getting it back together!
  6. Seems like you're new to Chumpcar, although I'm just basing my thoughts on 22 posts, and your referral to @Hi_Im_Will as "this guy." Before throwing jabs at someone's passionate "dissertation" as you called it, perhaps you should know that Will and his team happen to be (in some people's minds - mine included) the epitome of what we'd like to accomplish in amateur endurance racing. For all of us that aspired and dreamed to go racing one day, we look up to that team as one who has demonstrated that creative engineering can be fun, as well as successful, and can provide great satisfaction by being able to try out different concepts and ideas. THEN - the same group comes onto the forum here, and tells you exactly how they did it, and freely offers advice to the community about any technical questions that come up. For most of us type of people that I described, this is our chance to put theories to work, and develop our racecraft. We don't look to this series as one that we can have fun dressing up like girls, get penalized by having a pig welded to the roof of your car, or other such things that the other "race???" series do to have fun. Sure, there are some Chumpcar racers that enjoy that type of thing, and they are free to go run those races and enjoy themselves. There's nothing wrong with that at all, if that's what you're into, but I don't think that is the direction that most people racing in Chumpcar want this series to take. Carry on.....
  7. So does that mean the 2:10's you ran in our car in '15 might be a little quicker on the new track? IF so, that would make me a happy guy. LOL And with our new stiffer springs and bigger tires/wheels, well maybe there's hope for this ugly duckling...?? IMG_2291.mov
  8. Road America fall race

    Having volunteered at many races now, I can't begin to explain to you how much you will learn, and how much you'll enjoy it!!! we are a fairly new team. Without the network of friends I've made through volunteering, we would be way behind the learning curve of where we are now.
  9. Mini Cooper for Chump

    Just press the easy button.... Couple fenders and doors and this would be a nice looking AND FAST car.
  10. ^^^^^You weren't impressed with the "superior German engineering?" Keep spewing the truth brother!!!!!!!!! (Note: At work, we spent millions on systems that were designed and manufactured in Germany, and I've spent hours arguing with their engineers about the performance and robustness of their product. You can't tell them they're wrong either, they won't accept any opinion other than their own....)
  11. Racecast, ChumpCast, and Youtube

    I was getting dizzy watching your feed.... That car looked like it really had rhythm - the way the entire roll cage and window openings were dancing around! What kind of music were you guys playing to the car? I was going to show my buddies how cool the live broadcast was, until my stomach started turning - so I figured I'd spare them the pain, or they wouldn't be too impressed anyway.
  12. Quoted again for emphasis - I can't like this enough.^^^ (My comments are in an earlier post...) As I said, I work at an OEM. There's a poll on the front page of a "home" website at work that says millennials felt the best part of autonomous cars is that they will give them more free time. Free time to do what? Play on their phones more? And then what happens when the system gets confused and tells you to take over (like the Tesla did)..... "Oh damn, I wasn't ready for that" = BOOM! No thanks - I have a hard enough time letting a horse make the decisions, and would rather have something I can twist a throttle on, I'm sure not going to let a computer make the decisions for me....
  13. 2018 Schedule

    @chisek Mid Ohio?