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  1. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    As Huggy said use at your own risk! I had one two of these in my garage for less then a year. After a long day (8-10hrs) the head unit on one ignited, luckily I was able to get it outside and shut off before anything serious happened. I have used the torpedo and upright kerosene heaters(don't believe the pictures on the box of the uprights being used in the house, I would never do it). You have to use ventilation, so it will warm your area up but you always have that nice cold air coming in. If I use them with no ventilation after 4+ hours I will get a bad headache. Ron
  2. Rule 7.2.2

    Great idea with the gloves Justin!
  3. Visceral Racing Group is looking for 1 funded, not slow driver who has wheel to wheel experience. You must help with pit set up, take down and pit stops. We have a tentative schedule for 9 events in 2018 and we need the prospective driver for the following; Watkins Glen, Miller Motorsports park, Thompson, Pit, Sebring. We like to be competitive but understand that this is a hobby we participate in for fun! If we find that you drive like an asshat we will remove you from the team no matter how fast you are. My signature shows our successes and failures, visit our Visceral Racing Facebook page for more info on the team and car. If interested send me a PM here or post to Facebook. Ron Herrick
  4. Sometimes it's the small angry dogs that the big dogs need to be careful with.
  5. I’m very worried about this race, ALOT of very fast cars, small passing zones, Eastern Region, 50 cars, small track and Championship race. I’m seriously thinking about withdrawing my team and competing in the Central Championship at RA.
  6. Sebring Sept 17 Pic & Vids

    As good as Rich drives I’m surprised he didn’t pass 5 cars WHILE spinning,
  7. Past Event Decals for Sale

    No, great idea!
  8. 2018 Schedule

    Count us in, I've already told the family where we are going for New Years next year!

    We could use a fire bottle guy, we will provide all the safety gear. My normal pit crew can't make this race so I'm down to a skeleton group of 3. Ron
  10. Battery hold down and containers

    Bill, This is great! Maybe you can include ideas for securing the cool suit box. We use the friction strap and aluminum mount that came with our box and I have never been comfortable with this setup. Ron
  11. Brake cooling and upgrades

    I would love to see a points hit for non-OEM brake systems including ducting (must be year make and model specific).
  12. Brake cooling and upgrades

    Wait! You guys aren't using factory OEM rotors and calipers! Talk about free points!
  13. Official Thompson Speedway Test + 12-Hour Enduro 2017

    FYI, Ride alongs will be permitted for the Friday practice. Only 70 degrees today and sunny, weather is looking good for next week.