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  1. He probably doesn't get notifications from this forum Here's his email vgforbes107@hotmail.com
  2. Just like my ex girlfriend, you all get around... Lol Ive raced against you all at several tracks. You guys do a great job keeping it together... Mad props!
  3. I'd love to do it . I've raced Amp twice , once in a Civic , the other in my Miata. I'll hopefully be wrapping up with prepping one of my houses for sale today. I'll feel a lot better about going racing if that's at least done... I'll let you know, otherwise have a great race...
  4. Mike Is great a great guy. He's the freaking jerkhead that got me into spending tons of money...., I mean racing Chumpcar in the first place.
  5. How many driver's do you have currently? Will the car go 2 hours on a tank?
  6. I have secured driver's for all seat time.
  7. Hey Ken let's do some seat time swap. You come run Sebring in my car and I'll come run your car at Calabogie ...
  8. Yeah, bud, Vir was great. If you can make it to Sebring, that'll be awesome
  9. Average Joe's V6 Miata is ready for the Sebring this year. I've made many updates such as better clutch, reinforced sub-frame, aluminum oil pan( that doesn't leak), Torsen diff, wider tires, etc If you have experience and are a clean racer that wants to join the team for this race, please contact me Single stint=$600 2 stints =$1100 Refundable crash deposit of $1500 Thanks Justin 352-200-0371
  10. Sebring seat wanted

    I have a spot left in the V6 Miata. If you're interested, give me a shout Thanks Justin 352-200-0371
  11. Where's the Official Sebring thread?

    Where do I find the entry list ?
  12. I love all the Vir courses, but don't feel like dragging my car all the way up there. I'm happy with paying for seat time, or if you wanna trade seat time , I'll have my car (V6 Miata) at Sebring. Let me know if you have a spot available. Thanks, Justin 352-200-0371 or justinegarvin@aol.com