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  1. What have you spent to keep up?

    What is this testing you speak of?
  2. AWD Mazdaspeed 6

    OP please check out this link: https://www.chumpcar.com/rules.php With that being said I think it would be cool to see a speed6 racing but my experience with their engines says you would be lucky to get a weekend out of one.
  3. Anyone else experience this? error/StoreClosed Is Chumpcar no longer selling apperal and other swag? Was hoping to pick up a few things
  4. IMO you are going to pay decent money for a quality SAFE race car. Three years ago I purchased a already complete chump car, it was quite a good deal. I purchased the car sight unseen (quite a few pictures). Unfortinatley there were so many things wrong with the car, without going on a 30 minute rant the moral of my story is expect to get what you pay for. $3,000 is typically going to get you a terribly designed cage with sub par welds, cheap seat, harness. The car may pass tech from multiple groups however IMO the bare minimum is NOT enough! Coming from a guy who attempted to buy a complete cheap race car, I just had a baby and didn't have the time to build a car. Which turned into over a year long process to cut out the cage and replace most parts on the car and a very unhappy wife. Many many dollars later we have IMO a very safe, quality race car! EDIT: whoops just read you purchased a car, hope it works out for you guys!
  5. I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for and buy once cry once. I have owned, used, tried on safety equipment in all price ranges by many manufactures. In my experience quality gear stands out and even more so during endurance racing. Almost all of my safety gear has come from Craig at US Race Gear. He is the man and has more knowledge when it comes to Motorsport's safety then anyone I have ever spoken with.
  6. Official Gingerman 2017

    Did anyone happen to accidently take an EX-UP cover (black with wheels, one wheel is broken) missing my 10X20 cover I was pitted in the 22nd pit stall
  7. Official Gingerman 2017

    I was actually told we were not allowed to do this. Evidently the street cars don't want to be out on track with us Chumps
  8. Official Gingerman 2017

    My complaint is that they changed the format so drastically... now each driver will only be able to get one session in per day which doesn't allow for multiple setup changes in a test day. It is what it is, we are just happy to go racing!
  9. Official Gingerman 2017

    It actually appears that Gingerman changed there mind since sending me that email. They are stating the new format will be 20 minute sessions and alternating the track with street cars. ?
  10. Official Gingerman 2017

    Drivers meeting is at 8:15 so I would assume shortly after that.
  11. Official Gingerman 2017

    Per Gingerman Friday will be for Chumpcar only. Track is to be hot all day accept for lunch hour.
  12. Premature Accelerators is in need of a fourth driver for Gingerman. Our fourth driver just shattered his elbow. looking for someone who has experience racing wheel to wheel, miata experience is a plus but not required. if you or someone you know might be Interested please reach out 513-502-705ONE thanks, Greg
  13. The UNOFFICAL don't miss Gingerman Thread

    My 4th driver just shattered his elbow, in need of someone for this event! Send me a text if interested in driving our 93 miata 513-502-705one
  14. New wheels for us TD Motorsports C1s happy with the initial test fit
  15. Monday at Mid-Ohio

    Anyone interested in doing an IRacing session this weekend?