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  1. hauler / sleeper / bus

    It wasn't a school bus, it was an OLG shuttle/limo in it's past life.
  2. Attending a race in the USA

    Can you share more details on the Ontario one, my googling did not reveal any obvious solutions.
  3. 3 hr race?

    If you're concerned, pick up the phone and call Wendy and Sal and share your concerns. I'm sure they don't want to dilute their CCC entries, but at the same time is my guess is they won't be allowing vettes or 600hp bmw's to participate either. There are plenty of regional racers who race in Chump speed cars who've never done anything longer than 3hrs that could help build the field. Also consider this, do you think someone with a really fast and nice car wants to be on track with us? The answer is probably not. Most of those guys would take one look at our cars and move along.
  4. 3 hr race?

    I don't think people should be too worried, my understanding is a field of 25-35 cars is expected, so it's not like there are going to be 20 cars on the track that are leaps and bounds faster than the Chumps, my guess is only a handful.
  5. Isn't that the AER rule? Let's not try to make ChumpCar like AER. Don't forget you get the chance to drink with the Canadians and see if you can still make it to the race the next day.
  6. Tire ban list in the future?

    because putting 6 gallons in a 5 gallon jug is impossible... for the record... i don't perceive tires to be an issue or a source of soaring costs... we're a relatively competitive team last time I checked and we usuallly only use 2 new tires per weekend....
  7. I don't have an answer to your original question - but there is no date on the ChumpCar Canada site for Round 3, it says TBD.
  8. Once the new website is up and running that should allow for registrations to begin.
  9. I spoke to Wendy this AM, and as Shane eluded to, an email has gone out to the Chumps formally announcing the schedule and a survey regarding a May Bogie date.
  10. Sorry, was out of town and not online much until today. Will see what I can find out.
  11. Why is plastic more pts than aluminum?

    has the price gone up alot? Last time i bought a 4x8x3/16" sheet of scratch resistent poly carbonate (lexan), it was about $105 CAD.
  12. I honestly have no insight in to the new staff comment, but I can just assume it relates to tech and scoring since Chris moved on, and Bailey is working in some town in the middle of no where looking at rocks I think. Not sure if Chuck will be back, his move out west was supposed to be temporary.
  13. ^ That's the one weekend I can't make from Mid-March til Mid-April...