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  1. VIR 24 LifeLine Classic

    You can watch Simon's replay video here: https://live.racecast.me/profile/592842ea4559211dd664675a Looks like the rain starts at about 9.5 hours in. You guys all have more guts than I do for racing in that.
  2. SC300 as a chumpcar?

    Did you mean differential? Almost all parts swap directly over from a supra. However the transmission that comes out of the turbo supra is much stronger and much more expensive (look at eBay for r154). The na supra and sc300 share the same w58 transmission and they aren't too crazy expensive.
  3. SC300 as a chumpcar?

    We raced one for a year or so and unfortunately just sold it due to most of our team not being able to race for the foreseeable future. I very much enjoyed wrenching on and racing the car. Here's a few oddball thoughts as they come to mind. Pros: - Double wishbone all around, great camber adjust-ability = great tire wear and handling - extremely reliable all around engine, drivetrain, suspension, etc - can go 2+ hours with the large tank - long wheelbase makes for very stable handling - 2jz is non-interference (kind of nice to know in case the timing belt does let go) - easy brake upgrade with LS400 front calipers - easy suspension with supra bilstein's all around Cons: - hard to find a manual for cheap....we paid just over $2k for ours in decent running condition and we thought that was a steal - open diff as mentioned above - front lower control arms and rear uppers are very expensive new and do not have a serviceable ball joint so used can be a crap shoot - large footprint, not the smallest car to make your way through traffic with - 500 pts as mentioned above, although with so many of the new rules (open ecu, open equal diameter springs, etc) it might be easier to make it competitive We weren't sure why they made the VVT years equal points last year. As far as I can tell I don't see any downsides to buying a 98 or 99 car (except for price).
  4. Sold! Cutlass I hope you guys enjoy it. Eager to see what you guys are capable of doing with the car.
  5. Thanks Segel, I appreciate the kind words.
  6. I don't know....if anything it's exactly the kind of thing to put in a for sale thread! Basically telling people, look and learn from our mistakes. Buy a car cheap and already built and just spend money racing it and on consumables. Thanks for sharing your story and I'm glad you guys finally podium'd for your efforts.
  7. Haha. I think most teams don't keep track of expenses like we do or else they might be surprised themselves. We wanted to be 100% fair to each person on the team so we tracked every single zip-tie that was bought, every drop of gas used for the car or for towing, every pack of gloves from harbor freight, etc. All 384 lines are in a giant spreadsheet for an average of $91 per line. The basic breakdown is: The car + safety + race development + refresh = $15000+/- ~3000 per race x 3.5 = $9,000 Professional Repairs for getting rear-ended = $3500 HPDEs, Towing, Consumables = $2000 Spares, Tools, Alignments, etc = $3000 What's more amazing to me is that we have 4 total line items > $1,000 (the car itself, the cage, one race entry, and the quarter panel repair), and 31 items between $200 and $1,000 (things like a transponder, 3 sets of wheels, tires, race seat, fire suppression, etc). Everything else is sub $200. Man it adds up fast. P.S. Don't let my wife see this page.
  8. Thanks! I'll definitely get more pictures up soon. Spares for the most part are very easy to find. This engine was used in several cars of the era: GS300, IS300, SC300, and N/A Supra. The 5-speed is a little harder to find (plenty on ebay for $), but is also pretty much bulletproof. We have regularly had an SC300 at one of the pull-a-parts in our area to pick over, and if you have the space (unfortunately we don't) parts cars can be found regularly for ~$500-700. Certainly one of the things that drew us to this platform was the number of Turbo Supra and SC300's running 600+ whp on stock internals, stock transmission, stock driveshaft without too many issues. So far, that has proven to be true as we haven't had a single mechanical failure in 4 races and ~6 HPDE weekends.
  9. No love for a 100% turnkey SC300 package? Here's video of the car in action...
  10. 1993 Lexus SC300 Chumpcar Location: Raleigh, NC (can deliver within 1.5 hours of Raleigh for the right price, including the upcoming VIR race) Price: $8,000 obo SOLD We purchased this original 5-speed SC300 2 ½ years ago in Atlanta GA with a clean title, rough cosmetics, a few oil leaks, but otherwise in great condition (and most importantly zero rust). We proceeded to strip the car, add the necessary race prep, and replace any and all items that we thought might fail during a race. What resulted was a reliable car that led us to get 2nd place overall in our first ever race weekend. Unfortunately during our second race weekend we got rear ended by another team in hour 3 of 12 ending our weekend. After $3,500+ in professional repairs the car looked just as good as it did prior to the race. In race 3 we ran strong (just outside the top 10) for 12 of 16 hours until we hit unavoidable debris on track, cracking our exhaust close to the header for which we didn’t have a spare. As is usually the story, life moves on and we’ve all decided that racing will have to take a back seat for a while. This car was built to be reliable, and that it has been. All parts have less than 2 years and only maybe 50 track hours on them. The Good: The car is unbelievably good on tire wear. At the end of our second 7 hour race another team assumed we’d put fresh tires on for just that race when in fact they’d had about almost 20 hours of track time on them. The braking power of this car thanks to the LS400 Calipers is unbelievable. This is not a ‘light’ car (by chumpcar standards) and we out brake nearly every other car on track or at least match them. The long wheelbase makes this car extremely stable in high-speed turns. Think uphill esses or turn 10 at VIR, easily as fast as any other car we’ve seen in chump through these sections. Reliability, the hallmark of any winning chumpcar. The only time we’ve had DNF’s are from other cars or objects hitting our car on track. Aside from those the car just keeps running without even the slightest hint of breaking down. We spent the money and long nights so you don’t have to. We have over $35,000 invested in building and racing this car and you get it for pennies on the dollar The Bad: The engine performs flawlessly but seems to be a bit down on power (original 160k mile motor) especially when compared to other teams’ ‘stock’ engines down the straights. Low mileage japanese engines are ~$800-1000. Even with our lack of power we’ve done a 2:20.1x on VIR Full for reference. In it’s current setup the car will take laps this year in chump. We currently have front aftermarket springs and adjustable collars. (40 pts). The fix is to find a set of either original springs or same diameter aftermarket springs and cut them to the desired stiffness/height. This will bring the car back to a 0 lap car. Before our last race the car was in mint condition. We got hit twice last race, both in the driver’s side. Thankfully the damage was only cosmetic. We’ve already purchased a replacement door instead of trying to fix the current one and are in the process of fixing the other body damage. We’ll include a picture to show the extent of it. The car will come with everything you need to go racing, except a trailer, your own tools, and your own race gear. It includes our gas cans, fuel suits, spares, fire extinguisher, etc. Literally everything we went to our December race with. Everything we’ve replaced or added to the car: Custom built-to-spec cage by Competition Cages (of Hillsborough, NC) including the seat mount and dash bar Engine Refresh - Plugs and Wires, EGR Delete, All Seals, Timing Belt + Pulleys/Tensioners, Engine Mounts, Crank Pulley, Exedy OEM Clutch Kit + New Flywheel Bolts, Brand New Driveshaft Guibo, Transmission Mount, Driveshaft Center Bearing Steering - Tie Rod Ends, Steering Rack Bushing, PS Delete and Seal Cut Suspension - Supra Bilstein’s, Fresh Revalve, HyperCoil Springs w/ adjustable collars, Front springs cut for the rear Maint Items - Fuel Filter, Diff Fluid, Air Filter, SS Brake Lines, Shifter Bushings, Transmission Seals, Clutch Hydraulic Hose, Clutch Slave, Brake Master Cylinder Cooling System - T-Stat, Upper/Lower Radiator Hoses, Water Pump, Radiator Racey Bits - Racetech RT4009HR, NRG Quick Release 3.0, OMP Enduro Harness, AMB Direct-Wire Transponder TranX260, 4L Fire Suppression System, Window Net, Schroth Center Net, LED Headlights, Coolshirt kit (never installed), Lightweight ATV Battery, DashCam, Warning Switches, Tons of spares, a lot more not listed. Support Parts - Pit Fire Extinguisher, 2x SFI Fuel Gloves, 2x SFI Fuel Suits, Radio System (in car wiring, headset, sharkfin antenna, 4 radios), 13x 5 Gallon Gas jugs Original Posting First ever race! Post race impound! Second place. NASA HPDE Testing Last race and new paint scheme Post race damage
  11. Updated MPV

    Just wanted to get some feedback on the Lexus SC300 valuation. I realize it's the car everybody loves to hate, and full disclosure our team runs one. Additionally I'll be the first to admit that 400 points was probably generous. However, why are the non-vvti and vvti generations now lumped into one value? Another oddity, to me, is that the Supra is now 500 points as well. Yes they're essentially the same platform but there is about a 300 lb weight difference in advantage to the supra. Personally I would love to see the non-vvti cars valued lower so that for existing cars/teams it's not about which team has the money to go out and buy everything needed to swap in the more powerful setup. Even just by 25 points would be helpful, I believe.