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  1. Not 100% sure what you are asking? Your writing does not conform to normal english standards. What happened to the pics - Photobucket fracked the entire internet by changing their service model. Its now like $500 a year to pay for hosting from photobucket. There may or may not bee a google chrome add-in that will fix the photo links for you. The last three pages are linked to imgur.com instead of photobucket, which was my interim choice before I decided to just host them myself. I have been working on re-hosting them on my server, but its honestly a very low priority in comparison to finishing the new car, fixing my house, playing video games, etc. Sorry.
  2. Canadian bowling is on NBC currently... Just sayin
  3. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    Where? COT wings have about dried up here in NC.. Same with COT splitters. I picked up two splitters for $20 back in '11, but now they are totally not findable. Same with COT wings. Used to be $200ish, now im seeing $800-1000?
  4. Spoilers vs diffuser vs wing

    Streets closed pizza boy, Find another way home.
  5. Thanks for chiming in - but I am not sure I follow? On the wilwoods, I can kinda follow: I have a S13. 300zx components are cheap and plentiful, and <2x. Did those not work/last for you? When I was stock KA power, I never had issues with them. Once I moved to LS power, I did switch to wilwoods. I use z33 rotors for $50 each and wilwood calipers, for $160 each. The big savings comes with pad prices though.. On the wheels, I don't follow at all. There are tons of choices for 4x114 for s13 fitment.. 15s, 16s, 17s etc. Is this no longer the case?
  6. I thought WRL drew pro level bimmers, p-cars, vettes, etc? like 400+HP? Running VIR full against race prepped M235s, C5Z, C6Z on hpde days, I can expect to lose 10+ sec a lap Not on a per-position basis, but the 4th and 5th place award money has been cut. So yes, on a total prize given. And, less teams will get awards.
  7. Rich, Thanks for being so public and forthcoming with your opinions and thoughts. In this case, it seems we differ on our definitions of "cheap" and "out of control spending" Except for not winning a race yet, I think this year has gone pretty well for my team and for chumpcar as a whole. All the races I have been at have been closely contested and no-one has gotten hurt. We are talking an awful lot about changing rules when things are going so well. 180TW tires IS a cost control. 2 hour stints + 5 min pit stops IS a cost control. Allowing bilsteins was a cost control for me (not sure about others) 5 pts Wilwood brakes is not a cost control Free brake proportioning valves is not a cost control Free wheel spacers is not a cost control (Caveat: I think cars with stuipd wheel sizes should have been issued waivers on a case-by-case basis) 10pts aero is not a cost control Free ECU tuning isnt a cost control (Caveat: I understand policing OBD2 tunes is impossible, so this one I understand slightly) The cat is out of the bag now though... the above "free" or "cheap" rule changes cost me $3-4k Yes, no-one pointed a gun at my head and said I had to do it... but everyone here is a racer. You build to the extent of the rules as you interpret them. The biggest hit to my stint costs has been entry fee hikes. The price didn't go up when we switched to RS4 from Azenis.
  8. That is still where this series is. Theres tons of talk of cost escalation, but I havent seen anything cost me more in the 3+ years except for "free" parts. I definitely dont "outspend" all chumpcar teams. I feel I spend on-par with other competitive teams on the east coast. My rental rates are lower than some, higher than others, so I feel I am in the ball park of "average". I just feel I spend the money "wisely" so that my entry fees go to track time, and not to paddock wrenching time. If I were to go to WRL, I would be very slow compared to some of those teams. Perhaps I could get a class win, but I want an overall win.
  9. No. Based on this, I have to say that you have swayed my vote away from yourself. Whats with all this BS about teams buying tires, etc? I want this series to start being MORE serious, not more like Lemons where everything is about low cost (except buying the judges $$$ alcohol), or spending $$$ on parts from junkyards so you can work on your car in the paddock instead of race it. I want to damn well spend whatever I damn well want to spend on my car, as long as I'm within the rules. Look at my build thread. No expenses spared. I spent a TON of money. Go look at my reliability record though. Only DNF so far was AMP, and thats two reasons - we called it for safety concerns, and we had a brand new part fail. Who cares if teams want to run two sets of tires? I certainly don't. The lap time difference from a brand new set of tires to a 8 hour used set is ?? does anyone know?? Whats next - you gonna say I cant to to VIR and test before a race, because not all teams can afford to do so? Gonna say that I cant use my AIM dash, since not all teams can have one? Sorry, I don't buy it.
  10. Us, for example. Since the AMP race was a bust, I am going to run the used tires and pads at VIR for the first day, and then check them sat night. If it was a impound race, it would be no choice but to buy a new set of pads and a new set of tires.
  11. Poop post strikes again! - user with 1 post - bringing thread back from the dead - no context to what was ordered or why the (l)user felt inclined to post here about it - smells of self-advertising edit:. Site lists a country code of 353 - aka Ireland. Lol
  12. I give this one a B+ for poop post. - terrible pictures, including a close up of the Chumpcar logo. - all caps! - no details on cars year, specs, etc - no details on "turbo" engine - user with low post count, but no contact info posted Carry on.....
  13. 97 Civic EX coupe

    Quality poop post here.... No pics No location incomplete/incoherent sentences too high of price listed, but can "work something out" A+++
  14. Wood has no place in a race car, nor do sheet metal screws. I would highly recommend reconsidering your "addition" in the name of safety.