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  1. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    A new Warn electric, remote control winch has been installed on our convertible, enclosed Featherlight race trailer. 😀
  2. "You have to slow cooling water down through an engine to give it time to absorb the heat."
  3. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Common redneck knowledge states, "a 4.3 is just a 350 missing two cylinders." There is a lot more differences depending on year produced (balance shaft vs. non-balance shaft, timing cover differences, timing cover bolting surface differences, mechanical fuel pump boss vs. no mechanical fuel pump boss thus a shortened "block" from the #1 & #2 cylinder forward, etc.) We are still on our stock engine that came in the truck. Which kind of limits our options. At least until we "upgrade." 😀
  4. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    The chain was a stamped steel piece. It had only 14 hours of racing on it. Well, 14 hours at Barber and 20 minutes at RA. It let go and bent 10 of the 12 pushrods. We've installed a new, better chain and replaced the pushrods. We are itching to get back on track..
  5. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Yes, we ALL know a 350 bolts in. As a matter of fact, we've made mods that will allow us to easily swap to that when our little 4.3 totally dies. I think we built a decent piece for Chumpcar circa 2013. We are now slow for 2017 but have a flippin' blast every time we unload at a track! So far, we've competed in five events (3X Road Atlanta, 1X AMP, and 1X Barber). Another car took us out in the 13th hour at AMP and our timing chain let go in the first 20 minutes at Road Atlanta 2017. The rest of the races we went all the way to the Checkers with no time behind the wall. And had a blast every single second of it all. We've gone around Road Atlanta at 1m54s in a bouncity-bounce leaf spring pick up truck whilst passing some cars that probably never expected to ever be passed by a bouncity-bounce pick up truck! Heck, we've raced with Randy Posbst at Road Atlanta in a pickup truck the we built bit by bit! How cool is that! He kicked our arse but.....how cool is that!
  6. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    We agree. But it's not that low. When our little 4.3 gives up the ghost we may get really stupid and stuff in something more potent. However a big part of me feels we may not have as much fun at a Chumpcar race if we get too serious about speed. Going 120 mph in that truck is one thing....going faster and getting there quicker is something different. I feel we built a good "Chumpcar" for 2013 Chumpcar....not so sure about 2018 Chumpcar.
  7. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    No worries! We try to be courteous and not too much of a rolling chicane. At least we hold our line and are a BRIGHT rolling chicane!
  8. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Installed modded x-over exhaust pipe, scaled it, stringed it, and drove it about a 1/4 mile on public road. The truck is 98% ready for Barber. We are not rushing at the last minute for the first time ever!
  9. Official 2017 Barber Motorsports Park 8 + 7 Enduro

    I wouldn't dare put my trailer in harms way....it's the most reliable vehicle I own.
  10. Official 2017 Barber Motorsports Park 8 + 7 Enduro

    I asked Mike to group all the pickup trucks together too.
  11. Two Murican Cars at Barber!

    Our 'Merican iron was probably originally made in 'Exico. I dont know for sure. There is so little original parts on it that's its hard to say for sure.
  12. Barber

    He probably would smack us all on this forum for one thing or another. Maybe he would like it better if I called it a "Zaparka-bill"?
  13. Barber

    Our pushrods have wickerbills on 'em