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  1. With a bare chassis that spring didn't even think about deflecting.
  2. Damn near broke the compressor getting the 1200 pound out.
  3. Might be heavy enough to handle an LS1... Might be heavy enough to handle an LS1...
  4. Just to be clear, I loved seeing it. Nice looking car as well. Hopefully they'll keep after it.
  5. Saw the 85 or so Cutlass with stock 307 getting smoked down the straights at the spring RA race. Not my bag.
  6. 2nd gens don't need much suspension work as they are actually very good stock. And yet 100 points cheaper than the 83 Monte.... Edit Big gas tank as well.
  7. 83 Monte SS + 255hp Vortec is over 500 points with no other mods. A Regal with same is just under as I recall. The point is a big heavy car needs power and handling to be competitive. At 250 points it won't have both.
  8. Yes, yes they are. Will run EC if I have to so I can keep my beloved thumper.
  9. Since you had a Malibu I'd like to think you know the stock suspension but reading this I'm not so sure. It's poop. poop takes points to fix. Ball joints, spindles, control arms etc all cost lots of points if one is honest. Btw While I mentioned a Regal run a Monte through the swap calc with a 255 Vortec and let me know how many points I have to play with. I already know.
  10. Go back a few years when springs and everything else cost points. Zero chance making a G competitive. It's still a struggle. It's not inherently a sporty car. I'm building for a laptime at RA. With the illegal motor, no problem. Under 500 points? Time to get real savvy.
  11. Some cars need springs more than others.
  12. Having an overvalued pos, I like free stuff. No way I could be competitive otherwise.
  13. Even I'm not that shady. And you're missing the point on the swap. It's only 50 points if it's a really weak 70's version. Anything else reduces the points one has for suspension. By a lot.
  14. Rebuild or heck NO?

    I know where a Fiero lies... Nope, gas tank too small. Would make a fun street heater though with a Northstar. Especially since I can buy them for $350 all day long.