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  1. How to make Spec Miata faster Vs E46

    Thanks for the clarification. When you added the bigger tank did you have to reclassify as a 94-97 at a VPI of 350 pts then?
  2. That was the tire from the CRX, ours was buried between turn 8 and the 10-11 straight. A couple of flying tires at this event.
  3. How to make Spec Miata faster Vs E46

    Sorry, @55mini's car is the team I'm on, we have never run a stock tank on the car. 1st major change we made when we decided to get into Chump.
  4. Best part was spending the day getting it all back together and then the epic hunt for the parts after the race was over(yes we got permission). Only thing we didn't find was the caliper bracket and one of the brake pads. The parts went a LONG ways through that tall grass!
  5. How to make Spec Miata faster Vs E46

    1st off, why was the car in EC? With the 250 pts to play with you should be able to make that car work into the rules? If you are going to do a swap and do not want to go ecotec(we run one, have 3 weekends on it and no issues so far) I would suggest the 99 MIata VVT motor. There are a couple teams we know that are running them and they seem to be pretty competitive with them.
  6. How to make Spec Miata faster Vs E46

    We are burning fuel at the same or sometimes less than we did with the stock 1.6l. Also, we have a cell setup, have since day 1, and have had no issues at all with our fuel system, outside of when we got hit hard at NCM a few years back.
  7. Control arm and heim joint points question

    I like that idea! We run a 4 cylinder, make it happen
  8. Points for round or square tubing

    To counter your point, we made one similar to that, but it also has a second, lower bar that protects our fuel cell that the stock one did not. It is about 2lbs heavier too.
  9. Individual Throttle Bodies

    To answer your question, I do not recall seeing a Tercel entered into any of the events I have run in the last 6 years. Not saying there aren't any out there, but the amount would be minuscule. Send an email to: Phil.McKinney@chumpcar.com he is our national tech chief and will give you the true answer regarding ITB's. As for your starting value, I agree with you that the value is too high, I would send an email to Phil with informaiton regarading the platforms HP/WT in stock form, fuel capacity, and in general any other things about the platform that you feel could make the case to have its value lowered, also compare it to similar cars on the list and their performance. CC that email to: Michael.Chisek@chumpcar.com the organizations COO as well. Both are very receptive, however expect at least a 48hr response time from Mike(how long it took with my last email), and possibly longer from Phil. Good luck!
  10. The VPI decrease for this particular platform to keep the swaps legal is the problem here an everyone agrees. Troy, you have even said in your proposal threads for classing that you feel you car should be valued in the 550-570 point range. The biggest issue with that swap is that you add ~70-80hp, have ~17 gallons of fuel, are less than 2400lbs., and still have over 100 points to engineer the car. How many other platforms have that? How many of those platforms are a mid engined setup? Also, because reliability is being touted here, as Bill stated, that car has been hacked and cheese grated up, only the "lightest components used", the weak trans because of the weight savings, essentially making the car into glass, then you also ask for all reliability mods to be free in the thoughts of cheap racing? Troy built a great car, put good drivers in it, and apparently it is in the bounds of the rules. Thad doesn't mean that the rules don't need to be changed as the collective results have shown that the starting VPI for this platform is too low, I would feel the same if there was another platform that was able to come in and dominate in such a way, in fact, there have been previous teams that have had their builds pushed out due to performance potential. It is the price for pushing the limits beyond the perceived(by the masses) level of acceptable performance. Honestly, if a review isn't done of the VPI of this particular model, I will feel like the system has failed...
  11. Barber iRacing Practice

    Ha, I have played maybe 4 hours total on Iracing, so you and I can hang out at the back!
  12. Barber Practice Day???

    Iracing will do fine. Thanks for the info.
  13. They also had a lap a full second faster on the practice day on old tires...... Oh and the ecotech miata, IMSA driver set their fast time.....
  14. MR2 has 2.1 more gallons of fuel, rated at 420lbs. heavier, and 14 hp more stock. 1.6 Miata=250pts, can realistically only get to ~174hp with a swap and that makes it 500pts with no other mods available. MR2=200pts. can swap to 210hp and still have 100+pts. to play with..... and don't forget the 2.1 gallons of fuel advantage it has either. I would like to see it valued at 300 pts. That puts it just above a 1.6l miata(250) and just below a 1.8l miata(350), which has a better stock pwr/wt ratio . Just some food for thought....
  15. VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    There is a team here in the central, Asteri Motorworks(sp). They run one and if it stays together have done quite well with it. It is not the fastest, but it hangs with the Blue Shells focus and with most of the 1.8 miatas that run. Look back at Autobahn this year for a good idea of how they did. For a car that starts out stock at ~19.5hp/lb and has a 14 gallon stock tank and is mid engine, I would be curious to see some of the other cars that start in that area and their VPI's...