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  1. Wow, the tires really spun you around fast! Glad to hear the driver is okay. Good luck, we hope to see you next year.
  2. Big Thank you to all the teams aswell for a great weekend for us rookies. We learned alot and nobody pushed us off track for being slow! ? Thanks for lending us some tools and the advice, Team Tailwind. Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks for the chunk of sweet metal! An amazing experience and we will be back.. and we should be a bit faster ! Thank you all. Cheers! Passtime Racing : Jon, Trice, Lee, Elliott, Donnie.
  3. 3 hr race?

    I'm convinced
  4. Ok. Thank you! We have a 95 2.0 sohc neon. Now we don't want to see everyone dropping out just because the new guys& girl are bringing a 500 goatpower dodge neon (1 horse = around 3.5 goats) Lol
  5. We are registered for our first race ! Will there be number and sponsor decals for us after our first tech? Or can we get them in advance? Any chance we can request a number? We are looking forward to meeting everyone !
  6. This cage okay?

    Possible car: Decent car, but cage is bolt in.. looks weird to me... this passed casc tech.. door bars held to main hoop with this:
  7. This cage okay?

    Thanks folks, I appreciate your help :)
  8. This cage okay?

    Thank you! It was built to casc Ontario specs with states: "6.4.4 If NASCAR-style door bars are installed, they should be constructed in the following manner: They should be constructed of several horizontal tubes attached to the main and front hoop, angled out into the door cavity as far as possible, spaced equally at intervals no more than 15 cm ( 5.9") center to center. " So chump says at least 6" apart and casc says no more than 5.9" apart. = no good :/
  9. Is this cage chump ready? The rest of it looks great, but are these bars high enough? Also are 5.3 gallon fuel jugs ok over pit wall? Rules say 5 gallon.. but I see a bunch of 20 litre/ 5.3 gallon ones for sale..
  10. Hans/ necksgen, suit, gloves, shoes.. I'm 6' tall 190 lbs. 10 ish shoe. Let me know if you have anything to sell and what you're asking. . Or even if I can borrow/ rent it for the April 22-24 weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport park. edit: Thanks for the replys everyone. I've decided not to rent a ride for mosport. I'm now going to try building my own car, hopefully in time for next year. I will still need all the personal safety equipment, just not in such a rush! In a related topic, I am now in the market for a car, cage, seat etc..