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  1. Less than two weeks to go and only 5 teams signed up for Castrol! Where the heck is everyone?
  2. Radios

    Like shields8, we use a combo of Baofeng radios with custom programming and car/helmet kits from SRC.
  3. Hello? Anyone have info on the Castrol race?
  4. Is the format for the Castrol race in Aug still a double 12? The info on the website show the start / end times as follows: Sat, Aug 5, 2017 2:00pm - Sun, Aug 6, 2017 3:00pm https://www.chumpcarcanada.com/round-1/2017/2/24/round3 I don't think that makes sense for a double-12 format. Is it now a 24? (please say yes!)
  5. 2016 Las Vegas 39

    Well, that's why we want to see confirmation of the format. We're coming from Canada, at least 28 hours tow plus flights for some members. Not worth it for us if it's only a double 8. We're waiting to see an official announcement before we commit funds.
  6. 2016 Las Vegas 39

    Again, any news on this event? We're waiting to see supp regs and official confirmation of event format etc before we register.
  7. Any updates on this yet? Will there be Canadian number backgrounds available to order in time for Castrol in August?