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  1. May I suggest that in the published manual the tips be concise? If it gets too wordy people won't read it. No need to tell a story around each tip. For example, using a few of the tips/points already raised: Under FCY catch up and maintain a minimum of 4 car lengths from the car ahead. The fire bottle person must maintain 10 foot distance from fueler and be hyper-vigilante of any fire and safety threats On receiving a black flag, remain calm and professional, and pit for instructions. Keep calm
  2. He has some nice things to say about "those cheapo endurance series" including ChumpCar.
  3. โ€œmost future cars will be anonymous sausage-shaped modules,โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚ anonymous sausage ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Whoever built your cage deserves one of those beers! I tried to find you guys after talking to your mom but I think you were down at the lower paddock near PowerSport garage. So sad to see your car smashed up like that.
  5. ChimpCar World Serious - no more monkeying around.
  6. Maximum Entries at Road America

    That's great news. WGI is great but the FCYs for pulls really breaks up the action.
  7. Maximum Entries at Road America

    How does the track handle disabled cars? FCYs or hot pulls? Something else?
  8. Road America fall race

    I'm quite surprised! I thought there would be a cottage industry of racer shops in and around the Road America area. Looks like we'll need to level up our preparation!
  9. Road America fall race

    Oh that's too bad ... nothing in town or close by?
  10. Road America fall race

    Question for those that have been to Road America, is there a speed-shop onsite? A place that will do tires, maybe a bit of welding or repairs? At Watkins Glen the Little Speed Shop is onsite, is there a similar shop at RA? If not, is there one nearby that racers go to?
  11. Road America fall race

    Any word if the conference call happened this week? Test day on Friday?
  12. Calabogie Chumpionship - 2017

    99% sure that it's Canadian dollars, not USD. The fees on Motorsportsreg are early $1356 and late $1582 ... which are $1200+13% HST tax and $1400+13% HST. So for you being from the US you're looking at less than $1300USD vs. $1700 for the event main event. Seems like a good deal to me. As you said, the best way to contact Wendy is to call her. She's very friendly and you will be able to get a clear answer instantly.
  13. Calabogie Chumpionship - 2017

    We'll be bringing our Miata to kill tires on that super-abrasive surface ... gotta practice F1-style quick tire changes
  14. To podium or not to podium

    Interesting, so in the US it would seem this year you still do the combined trophy / P1-3 are not exempt from the class win. @MR2 Biohazard are you sure there's no more US combined trophies this year? Maybe @Bill Strong could confirm for us?
  15. To podium or not to podium

    Then or now? In a previous post Troy said that now they would receive P3 but not 1st in B class. My question was, when did that change?