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  1. The Great Purge of 2018! However, agreed that if there was a way to export a read-only archive of this for future reference, that would be most beneficial. Curating and cherry-picking worthy threads would be challenging to say the least.
  2. Good thing you had clear run-off into the grass ... could have been way worse if you hit the flag station tire wall. And then you got right back on track without contacting another car. You had made the pass and had nowhere to go. Did you talk to the BMW driver? Did he not see you at all?
  3. Hats off to you @drfrisker, that was some clean hard racing ... one of the best moments of 2016 for me. Au contraire, from what we've seen of your new setup, we'll need to keep up with you.
  4. Cost and going to another series

    How so? In the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship for example the winners are by class. The winners of GTLM wouldn't say they "lost" the overall win against Prototype.
  5. Coming back to this point, who makes those awesome diagrams that show lap-times over drivers and the table that maps out each of the team's FTD vs. finishing position ... it'd be informative to see how the Huggins E30 did across the field. You know, since we're looking for more reasons to add pages the rulebook
  6. And similarly the Rbanks Saabs and Civic ... perhaps we don't give them too much attention because his team has different models and makes but they still win frequently. A common denominator there is that he preps those cars to his high standard, giving further evidence that it's not solely the platform that succeeds but the builder.
  7. @vtjballeng this is one of my favorite videos from 2016. 400SX vs 400SX vs Ecotec Miata. Seemed like pretty close and fair racing to me. I always wondered why you let up at the very end of the video. Did you pit?
  8. @MR2 Biohazard So Troy this is a little taste of how it feels to be you, huh? Although our humble Miata is honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as your MR2 I feel that we haven't yet earned the winning pedigree of your machine. We've been open with our build since we started racing in 2015 and especially this season with the revised swap rule-set. We've had very detailed conversations with Phil and his tech team to ensure we are in compliance. Since we sell the DIY racer kit over on ecotecmiata.ca we've gone the extra mile to make sure that its legal so that teams considering the swap don't have to worry. Our test mule's base configuration has already been mentioned here ... 2.2L Ecotec motor with a set of cams. To respond to a few comments: yes we run a fuel cell, no we can't make 2 hours, yes Misha races for us but not exclusively, and yes our regular drivers (myself included) are competent enough at the wheel to hang with most of the fast teams. Thank you for your concerns @shutupracing, we too are concerned about our issues this season that prevented us from finishing well. It's been a growth year for us and we are addressing our issues in the off-season. Looking forward to battling toe-to-toe with all you guys next season with an improved package.
  9. iRacing Alternatives

    Top tip with Assetto Corsa (again it’s the only PC sim racer I’ve played) is to setup the FOV properly. When I first played on default it was very hard to control. Once I followed a YoiTube guide to set it up and my in-game seating position, it made a huge difference. I was shocked by how much more controllable the car responded and how my laptimes dropped significantly. So if you do give AC a try, spend the 15 minutes to dial in the FOV and seat position to your setup.
  10. iRacing Alternatives

    That sounds like a great plan. Would playing on your server require setting up the SRS application?
  11. AC definitely has an add-on mod community track of Watkins Glen available. It's actually quite good, although their layout doesn't have the bus-stop ... it's coned off but can be driven through if you wish.
  12. iRacing Alternatives

    Following on @drKorf's post in this iRacing thread, this thread is to discuss alternatives to iRacing, the setups, and perhaps coordinate alternative online racing (if applicable). I've never tried iRacing but from everything I hear it's the gold-standard in online sim-racing that just gets better and better. That said, as drKorf details, there are alternatives for those who are unable or unwilling to commit to the iRacing subscription model. If this thread should be moved, please feel free to do so. On a personal note, I'm sadly unable to commit the time to sim-racing to make the iRacing subscription worth-while. I only get 1-2 hours per week to partake in some sim-racing on my modest "rig", so a one-time software purchase makes sense to me ... perhpas there are others in the same boat. I've logged about 10 hours over the past month in Assetto Corsa just hot-lapping and I find the experience good. Laser-scanned tracks would be great but the AC mod community efforts are good approximations of the real things. I've tried a few tracks that I've actually raced at like Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park), Watkins Glen, and Road America, as well as places I've never been like Sebring and Laguna Seca ... it's all really fun and I feel like I'm learning something, if perhaps only the track layout. I'm interested in trying out the SimRacing System (SRS) thing and give an online race a try ... perhaps if there's interest from like-minded people we could schedule an online ChampCar race to give it a go. I know nothing about SRS or Assetto Corsa's online capabilities, so perhaps someone with more experience could chime in. Again, not trying to derail the iRacing ChampCar league or argue against the merits of iRacing (as there are many), this is simply to provide a low-cost alternative for those who can't, for a number of reasons, participate in iRacing.
  13. Harris Hill Road is "not too great"? It's certainly no Watkins Glen but it's still pretty good compared to say Gingerman?
  14. Change