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  1. Glad to hear this! I've worn the same pairs of Simpson gloves and shoes for 8 years now. My right toe is slowly wearing a hole through the bottom from pedaling, but otherwise I'm impressed with the quality and durability of this gear.
  2. From Day 1 sometime around 2-3pm. Crowded house - lots of cars make an appearance in this one!
  3. It's just a slow Integra.
  4. Completely agree. Isaac (sp?) showed mature driving ability out there. I talked to him after the race and was surprised by his young age. Clearly his kart experience was beneficial - he understood when to use restraint. If it were my first time in a RWD V8 Chumpcar, my confidence level would be a few marks lower for sure, so I have much respect for his abilities. I suspected braking was not one of the Mustang's strong points. We can brake late, but usually not THAT late!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Completely understand the want for straight-line power (my daily driver is LS V8-powered). Big RWD power can be tricky to keep on track. Even with 8+ years wheel-to-wheel race experience, the idea of blasting through the kink at 125+mph is unsettling. The class A cars offer the challenge of finding advantage in every corner. I'm not the best driver, but I'm much better than I'd be in big power car, because I'd rely on that power. Rather, we rely on the Integra's agility. Lots of courteous drivers at Pittsburgh last weekend. Everyone played nice around us, except for those last 2 laps of the race on Sunday - have some fun video of that fiasco, will post later. Balaclava is on my priority list, will have for next race. I need one anyway as my new helmet is just a tad bit loose fitting inside (one was too small and hurt my head by end of race). Thanks for the reminder! We've been experimenting with camera placement & aiming for a long time. In the beginning, I ran a 480p Canon point-and-shoot with a narrow POV in the same location. We've used exterior mounts with some success, but some tracks don't like them. Tried a ceiling mounted cam, meh... We sometimes mount a rear-facing camera near the right A-pillar, depending on the track. For the GoPro, the trick is to use a very short bracket clamped to the most solid part of the car (central roll cage). This reduces vibration, and provides a great POV. Tip: use the open frame enclosure for GoPro, not the clear enclosure - this results in much better in-car sound quality (there is near zero wind noise in this area of our car). With a 64GB card, we can capture 8 1/2 hours of video at 1080p @30fps, so no card swaps during the race. For longer races, we've modified the enclosure by drilling out out material around the card slot, for easier swaps. Pulling off the camera to swap cards is time consuming, and alters the video frame, so we try to avoid doing this.
  6. Wow, I was hoping that would become 4-wide in the straight! Too bad about the contact, but no harm really. That's why some of us have those black corkscrews down the sides.
  7. Segeltorp, nice driving right up till the end! You were keeping pace with the Mustang. And oh the BMW, wonder what happened there? As always, thanks for posting!
  8. Lucky Monkey Racing had a good Sunday, winning 1st in class. At one point there were at least 4 Integras on track at the same time! I will post vids of a 3-Integra battle later, but first this fun little jaunt with the red LX notch back - this pretty much goes as expected, LOL. Thanks to the Isaac, driver of the Mustang for checking those mirrors and keeping it clean!
  9. Monday at Mid-Ohio

    Here's some in-car from our first stint, following the first caution period. Check the 12:00 mark in 2nd vid for 400+hp foxbody fly-by.
  10. Monday at Mid-Ohio

    But it's the most fun way around! You guys raced fast and played clean. That moment was a highlight in my day.
  11. For renters, this seems like a strong incentive to race clean. I like it. FWIW, all of your drivers demonstrate excellent car control, and are very fast. This guy was doing pretty well, for a while.
  12. D'ohh! There's more than one Saturn in Chumpcar?!! Saw your posts earlier in the thread and thought you must be racing. Hope to see you back on track soon! Yes, and yes! We vacuumed out the car twice before the race. That debris is melted rubber and tire shreds from other cars. I felt stinging from pieces hitting my face in the straights!
  13. We had lots of fun, and our LMR Integra ran great. This was our first time at PIRC since the new track addition - it's a fantastic course! Unfortunately, we didn't place so high this time (14th/22nd overall), but there were some very fast cars with great drivers. Great job by all the top finishers. The Civic Si was impressive! We always look forward to racing against the MostMint Saturn, now with the HUGE rear wing! Correction: TSR Racing Saturn. Here's a short in-car clip from day 2:
  14. Fun little code brown moment for me today: