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  1. I stopped counting at 6 or 7 a few pages in... But keep going, because you're doing a bang up job endearing yourself to the audience you'd like to convince to vote for you for BoD by trying to mock those with whom you disagree, lol. S.
  2. That's great. I personally know of two cars that are podium/overall contending cars in every race they run that are running race gas. I know of other cars running race gas that are competitive. You're not going to talk myself or others who support a pump gas/octane limit out of our opinions. If you're not running it, why so passionate about not having a simple rule in place? I know for a fact that some of the other people arguing against it ARE running race gas. S.
  3. Since this topic went completely sideways into yet another topic that probably needs to be clarified by Chump because Tech appears at odds with the BCCR... ...is the general consensus that a spherical contained within an aftermarket control arm (A-arm, trailing arm, LCA, whatever) would be included in the points hit for that "component"? That seems to be what most seem to think. S.
  4. We can drive around Sebring with our eyes closed. Well, kinda...
  5. You don't need to use a computer. They have them that plug into your phone and boot up the app automatically. I have one as well. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013I2BZ7S/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 S.
  6. Anybody seen an engine teardown in post-race impound? Or any type of check to determine cam lift, etc.? How about this...in lieu of an octane rule, tech sheets are made available for review (maybe just in post-race impound)? S.
  7. WTB Clean Miata

  8. So basically the same amount as turbo cars in the entire country that have made the podium. But we have rules for turbos. Yet we don't need an octane rule. Got it. The octane rule would be to help enforce the current rules and eliminate people running cheaty engines. How is limiting fuel octane any different than limiting tires to 180 TW? Telling people they can't change tires except one per pit stop? That's just nonsense. I actually think a lot of people who are vehemently against an octane rule are very likely running race gas mixes themselves. That's just IMO. S.
  9. We spend several times as much on race registration fees than we do on tires. We are at ~$650/set for tires for the 626 and we run RS-4's. We can get ~two 14-hour races out of a set. In our case, even if we ran those super-sticky-and-soft cheater tires we'd get a full race out of them and spend HALF as much as we do just to register for the race. We spend slightly more on tires than we do on fuel. S.
  10. How about a $15 cap on a per case (24) basis with containers not to exceed 16 fluid ounces? Racers and pit crew are not permitted to consume more than one (1) case in a twenty-four (24) hour period. S.
  11. And that's their prerogative. Maybe if they ran Douglas All-Seasons from Walmart it would be acceptable to run two sets per race. S.
  12. These cars probably perform very similarly for 350 points. But yeah, one has a bigger fuel tank. And "see how that works"? So we should start from scratch with an entirely new points-based set of classes to "see how that works"? Because points-based classes will absolutely stop speed creep. This whole "one tire per pit stop" doesn't hold an ounce of water. What happens if it rains? We're eliminating those tires for teams that run them? Or if a tire is damaged due to debris, contact, off-track excursion, Act of God? There will be a page of exclusions unless you now want people with flat tires to be meat-balled out of the race, or drive around the track on flat tires so they can make a 2nd pit stop. We had a car pin-balled into us entering Bishop at Sebring and had to change a tire because the valve stem was destroyed and we couldn't check pressure and further, didn't trust the tire. That would count against our "one tire per pit stop" limit? Let people run whatever tires are legal. If they want to spend the money, burn the fuel (for faster laps and more time on-throttle) and shoulder the mechanical risks of more frequent tire changes that's their prerogative. S.
  13. And restructuring the classes impacts every single team in Chump. That's the complete opposite of "a stable rule set" and it upends everything that's been developed to date. It is, quite frankly, one of the worst ideas I've seen during this whole board member election process. S.
  14. I think people should realize that "Real Cheap Cars" is relative to "Real Race Cars" which cost many times more than a Chump Race Car but the former is by no means always "cheap". S.
  15. I haven't voted yet and neither has one of my partners. I'm going to continue to read and then choose. But I can tell you these proposals to completely restructure the classes, after we've already committed to building and bought a second car, and to limit tires and make more sweeping changes to the rules are concerning. A simple rule limiting octane is aimed at supporting the current rules, but now some want to get into limiting tires? Yeah, that's a concern... Speed creep is going to happen as people adapt to the rules and build faster cars within them. S.