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  1. I got the official answer back and I am not surprised. I like to double check to make sure and copywriting is always a stickler. The official answer is: "The ccc logo is copyrighted etc so at this point it cannot be used by anyone other than ccc." Good news is, there is a however. New updates are forthcoming for next season. Excited anticipation is now upon us. "What could this new stuff for next season be about?"
  2. I will. I like to give Wendy time to answer. She's very busy. Plus, I figured the forum would like to know as well. I'll ask her directly and post the results here for clarity. I agree that there shouldn't be an issue. Just need the official answer. I've caused issues with other sports organizations in the past due to rules about apparel by making ass-umptions.
  3. Are we allowed to use the ChumpCar Canada logo on our team apparel? What I mean is, I would like to create some team Shirts, and I would like to add the ChumpCar Canada logo on them. Are there any rules associated with leveraging the logo on our Team Shirts?
  4. Castrol Laptimes

    Missed you at Castrol Brent. Just doesn't seem right with out you there. Will you be there next year? ST Racing continues to improve and was our best weekend too. We had zero issues with the car and our novice drivers are picking up their pace and improving consistency. We were able to keep the car on the track the whole time. Now we need to figure out the fuel starvation issues. We get 1.5 hours a tank. The surge tank just didn't make it onto the to do list as we ran out of time as well. I think we are starting to become competitive now. 7th place this year. Will we make it to top 5 next year? We had a great time again. Super folks at the track, Wendy and Sal provide a great venue to race. As a side note and depending upon how you look at it, Team Slovo handed us 1st in C class by deciding to take on the tire wall and lost. Glad nobody got hurt, they went in hard. Never know what may happen.
  5. ChumpTruck, Has your question been answered yet?
  6. 2017 Schedule - ChumpCar Canada

    I've read, but figured that I'd just call it out specifically.
  7. Hey Chumps. Just wondering when the schedule for 2017 will be posted? Need to get planning on next years schedule. Our team is hoping to get to three races in 2017 in light of our Castrol Stint this season. Looking to build up on our fun and get our Mazda competitive. As well, for Wendy and Sal, will we be getting to Area 27 this upcoming season? (Fingers are crossed, toes are crossed, eyes....always crossed ;-) ) Thanks
  8. Good to know. Looks like we have settled on our tires. If we can match to 30+ then we are in great shape. Thanks
  9. Agreed that our drivers were improving, but we did have one driver with us who has many years experience racing. He was able to trim 2 seconds off just moving from the Dunlop SportMaxx RTs, Saturday Tires running at a quickest 1:41 lap, to Sunday Tires, which were Falken Azenis, running a 1:39. He was our water mark for car performance. And agreed that the rookie drivers started getting faster too just by settling down and driving better. But all of the drivers felt that comparing the tires Dunlop vs Falken, that the Falken Tires appear to be a good fit for us. The Dunlops were really loud on corners and when you really pushed them, would roll over on the sidewall. The Falkens were sticky, not as noisy, did not roll over the sidewall and we felt they were just better. Now we have to figure out how long the Falkens will last for us now.
  10. We were running 2 seconds faster with Falken Tires on Sunday vs the Saturday Dunlops. We were able to get down to 1:39 laps on Sunday. Some more tweaking and we should be closer to you guys.
  11. They started paving with an update to their website today. The undulations on this track are amazing and this place looks promising and challenging. Not sure how I feel about this since we just raced at Castrol where you can see every corner from every corner. Anyways, here is the latest update from the Area 27 build. http://www.area27.ca/news/?post=paving-day-one-a-photo-essay
  12. July 30th and 31st saw ChumpCar Canada stop in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The Castrol Raceway hosted the double dozen with 23 teams participating. Hopefully we get lots of pictures and videos posted to share.
  13. this is perfect, thank you. I'm a big fan of digital exhaust. More the better.
  14. Thanks shields8 for the comments, much appreciated. Glad to hear we fit in well. My biggest worry being a new team was causing safety concerns for others. I just told the guys start smart and build up. It was great having you guys next to us, I was watching other teams and how they prepped, monitored, etc such as yourselves. I'd like to know how you guys monitor your car. I see you had a wireless device on your car and getting telemetry information. Can you share?
  15. Hey Bailey, would you happen to have an ETA as to when Day 2 will be posted? Thank you.