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  1. Darryl here - the CRX driver that tangled with Greg from M-bros. Greg, thanks for being humble with your description of the event but the video from your perspective shows me taking your established line away and I'm surprised how close to being side by side we were when I cut over. I simply did not know you were there and that is an awareness error on my end. I'm glad my move didn't interfere with your teams win and sorry for the action marks. Darryl
  2. Ok Dan, I just checked Saturday AM video and the wheel was upside down then as well. I must say, I do feel better that the wheel was upside down for the entire weekend vs. shifting 180 degrees during the race. I'm not OCD but driving around the track thinking that it shifting during the race would have made me a bit twitchy as well.
  3. well...I got in the way of the M Bros with the CRX on Sunday morning. I passed a car on the outside and manage to clear the car quick enough to allow me to take my standard line through the corner. Unfortunately that line put me in front of a faster moving car that was blocked from view behind the car I just passed. Not sure what Greg and I could have done differently to avoid the situation.
  4. Calabogie (May 13 2017)

    Bryan, I'm glad CMR was able to help you guys out as our CRX was running around the track with parts from a distributor that Ken lent us. We lost the first 3 hours of the race messing with electrical problems. With Ken and Tom's help, we managed to get the engine running and finished the race on a high note. Thanks to all. Cheers!!! Darryl
  5. Chump Monkey Racing will be there with our yellow CRX. The first time on a track this year (for car and drivers) will be 7am Saturday AM. Fun wishes to all Darryl