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  1. If it does not advertise a hologram type "UL" or "ULc" on the bulb. I won't touch it. For the link you provided. I would guess they are counterfeit. As I don't see an approval on the lamp itself. The pic is what you should see on the lamp. It may not say portable luminaire but would say self ballasted or LED
  2. This is the stuff you don't buy. They don't even have the approvals right for what they are advertising.
  3. Official - Change

    Is that name not copyrighted?
  4. Your not totally nuts, but changing a tire by hand is a bit of effort with lower profile tires. And then your stuck with balancing anyway. Depending on how many races you do a year it might be an idea to see if there is used tire/balancer machines available. Some friends of mine have purchased used atlas machines for around $600cdn. These are the ones a small shop would use. Manual changing is not fun, maybe for one or two but not the amount you will do most likely.
  5. 2018 Schedule

    What did you read????? He was asking for dialogue between two organizations that share a name. If you all think it's ok for both organizations to have a race within 4 hours of each other on the same weekend. That is beyond insane. The same can hold true for another track like WGI. How many Canadian teams showed up? If you do not attempt at least the littlest of dialogue you might end up wondering where some entries ended up. I just don't get why thoughts like this are so close minded.
  6. FWIW, I would suggest getting name brand low bay or highbay lights. That stuff from amazon may seem nice but it is no where near as nice a true engineered LED light. The problem with the drop in led tubes is that they all have a built in driver to convert your 120V to xxDC. Once that driver is done, the bulb is done. Even though the LED's themselves are still ok. Even worse I have had to deal with some of these bulbs catching fire as a lot of these bulbs have counterfeit approval labels. So lord knows what your getting. google low bay style led fixtures. There is a ton available. Low bay if you didn't guess are meant for low ceilings 12-ish and under. Price will be dependent on wattage mostly. I have been an electrician for over 15 years and I am now involved at regulator level for approvals on electrical products. Some of this LED stuff is truly crap. So please purchase wisely. Garage fires are not nice.
  7. Barber

    Can you please convert this over to metric please!
  8. Barber

    Sweet, we do well at the glen. Just not this year. But we crushed it at the lodge.
  9. Two Murican Cars at Barber!

    It was made in Illinois. Which is Mercia' a 4th gen Camaro was built and made in Quebec, Canada. tabernac...
  10. Barber Hotel

    I will pm you when I get the details. I did not book it.
  11. Two Murican Cars at Barber!

    We haz murican car too!
  12. Barber Hotel

    We might of lucked out on a airbnb spot. If we have extra rooms you can join us. But then again my minions for this weekend is 85% M4L drinking team and we both know what happened last year. one more time?
  13. Barber Hotel

    What area does my team need to book in order to be walking distance to the better bars and such?
  14. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    The problem here is he has a lot of unused space which will take a form of energy to heat. He should at one point add a ceiling to what ever height he needs and insulate. To reduce the amount of air he has to heat. A fan won't help much in the winter here as he is not making the shop tropical style temps, but more of working temperatures. Air flow in the summer is a different matter depending how much Tyler likes heat.
  15. Best (Safest) Garage Heaters

    Well I know I am pretty sarcastic on here from time to time but I am shocked to read some are using propane heaters for garage stuff. That sounds real dicey. But anywhooo... Tyler, look into a wood pellet stove/furnace. It is a pretty popular option in canada due to its low cost and low installation costs. For the little bit of pellets it uses most are capable of 8500 btu on low. And pellet bags are pretty cheap from TCS/lowes/Home Depot. You will Have to weigh the options with what rob suggested as per what your electricity rates are. An electric fan force heater can be pretty costly to run and could easily consume a good 1/2 the amount of your homes power if you only have a 100amp service. Depending on the size of course. You can call me if you need more life lessons on electricity or wood pellet stoves.