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  1. Daytona 2017 Pics & Vids

    Can you tell he's a Central Florida native? We all are actually. But yeah that was an awesome start.
  2. Daytona 2017 Pics & Vids

    Here is 3 of our first 4 stints. Haven't made it to the 3rd driver yet. First: John Wilding Second: Marc Dana Fourth: Nick Soriano ( Me) We finished 1st in class, 3rd overall. (Gotta brag a little about the miata.)
  3. Reading through the comments, I think a good topic for discussion next year would be items that increase reliability vs items that increase true performance. It sounds like the BMWs have a pretty serious rocker issue. And I've always though aluminum radiators being points was silly. I understand that using the points on those items keeps people from using them on performance items and thus preventing speed creep but if there are certain items that cars need to make it 14 hours, I feel it is hurting the series as a whole keeping them from teams. It costs teams seat time and makes the attrition horrible. I mean how many cars were still running at the end of Daytona? Maybe 50 of the 120 that took the green?
  4. Oh well. Guess you can't win em' all.
  5. I think it's funny that we're all ok with the 160mph GM product blowing by us on the straights but god forbid two miatas try to work together to make it to 130!
  6. You need a front running car... Like a miata. LOL.
  7. Maybe for a car like yours, but the miatas are at the limit for the tires. We run faster on the banks than the specs and weigh less but we are still 4 seconds off their times. So I guess the comparison is a little different.
  8. Very good point. We are getting into some crazy speed creep. I mean 2:10 at daytona on street tires.... WOW. Again, think adjusting for a BOP kind of feel in chumpcar really is a moot point. Every car is going to have its weak points. People will always find the one car that fits the model best.... e36's for years, sc300's now. And eventually some other car. At the end of the day though, If you don't have 4 solid drivers and a reliable car, I don't care what car you bring. You won't make it onto the podium.
  9. That is definitely the hardest part. How much is a gallon of fuel worth? At 20 points, I'm building a 5.0 thunderbird with a 30 gallon cell and no mods. lol. but at 50... whats the point... There may be a better way.... but i'm not sure if points are the way to go .... maybe a gallon per liter rule?
  10. I just think opening up the fuel rules is a big bag of worms. Esp for chumpcar. If we were a pro series looking for a BOP then sure. But in a race series where often times less than half the field finishes.... We're getting a little picky.
  11. We have a Miata with a 12 gallon tank. Running flat out, we can only make a stint last 1hr 30min at daytona. In fuel conserve mode we stretched it to 1hr 45min. We won our class by 9 laps and were only beat by 2 Lexus'. Explain to me how it is necessary to run 2 hr stints to win races... To win D class, you needed 299 laps. 17 less than we ran. If a pit stop costs you 3 laps, you could have taken 4 extra pit stops. 11 total. and still won D class.
  12. Yep stock 1.8 with an aluminum radiator and an infamous ebay header. Solid prep and responsible driving made it possible. Thanks!
  13. Just wanted to chime in on behalf of Level One Racing. We have been with Chump for 4 years now and finally picked up our first trophy on the 4th anniversary of the team getting together. It was a really special weekend. We had a strong lineup and a great crew and we finally put together a clean race. Winning the class was big for us but putting the Miata on the podium overall was way beyond our expectations. This is for all the Miatas that have been bullied by the VTEC's, straight 6's, and v8's. How bout them apples. Thanks to Chumpcar for another awesome event, even if they didn't get us any flowers for the prom.
  14. Hey guys, If you are headed up or down 95 to Daytona and are looking for a little break in the drive, stop by Autobahn Indoor Speedway! I'm an active chump and work at the track so I have set up some deals for you guys! Stop by Thursday - Sunday and show your Chumpcar ID card and we will give you guys $10 races (in groups of 3) and waive your $6 membership fee. Just tell them Nick sent you! The track is just off 95 about 10 minutes south of downtown Jacksonville, exit 344. We have plenty of parking in the back lot for rigs of any size. Seriously, it's an old warehouse so ANY SIZE. 6601 Executive Park Ct N Jacksonville Fl 32216 Check out this video from one of our League races.
  15. Official 2017 14-Hours of Daytona

    Thursday is better for me but I know some teams may be traveling. I may just have to practice by my lonesome.