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  1. Cage update! Harness bar is in and all the welds on top are done! Boxes and door bars next.
  2. https://www.motorsport.com/imsa/news/imsa-champ-jordan-taylor-samples-1950-ncadillac-le-monstre-987202/
  3. It has a siphon pump on the left side of the tank. I’m planning on running some kind of surge tank and hydra mat. (1) Secondary Fuel Level Sensor – Left (2) Fuel Return Pipe from Engine (3) Fuel Feed Pipe to Engine (4) 2-Way Check Valve – Fuel Supply (5) Siphon Jet Pump (6) Primary Fuel Level Sensor – Right (7) Fuel Reservoir/Bucket (8) Fuel Pump (9) Fuel Strainer/Pick up (10) Return Fuel Check Valve for Reservoir (11) Return Fuel Jet Pump (12) Fuel Pressure Regulator (13) Fuel Transfer Line (14) Fuel Strainer/Pickup
  4. Wayne Taylor Racing just did a photo shoot with the monster. I started digging and found this car, the sister car of the monster.
  5. Learning Moment - Crash damage

    My CTS build will have X bars that poke into the doors with the X bar going through a portion of the B pillar before it attaches to the main hoop. It's not going to look exactly like this but this is another great example.
  6. Learning Moment - Crash damage

    I've seen some great examples in this forum of ways to build a safe cage in a 4 door car without using the S bends.
  7. I spent two hours between practice and qualifying and didn't make 1 lap in the race. I was bummed but then I thought about how many racers have towed a car multiple hours to a racetrack and spent big bucks to practice, qualify, and crash on the first lap. At least this didn't cost me anything but time and pride.
  8. First off I'd like to say I'm a much better driver in real life than I am in iracing. I've been iracing on and off for a few months and used iracing to learn Barber before racing there with WRL this past summer. It think I achieved 4 clean laps in one hour of qualifying. I've done a hand full of practices with other drivers on track but this was my first race. I was involved in the crash in turn 2 on the first lap and a few other solo crashes after that. The car's seem very difficult to control and any small mistake seems to result in some kind of spin or costly off track excursion. I use a G10-349 steering and pedal setup. Am I missing something (besides talent) that could make the car control easier or more predictable. I find myself in a number of spins that I feel I could have recovered or avoided in rear life. Is it because the butt sensor isn't connected? And sorry if I ruined anyone's race or fast lap during qualifying. What a Sh*t show!
  9. It's hard to say. I've never built a race car before and I want to do it the right way the first time and make it as safe and as reliable as possible. That being said I'm sure there are going to be 1,000 things I do different the 2nd time around (if there is a 2nd time).
  10. He fits the cage in first then cuts the legs off to lower the cage down to finish the weld on top all the way around the tube. He then welds in the boxes and attaches the legs to that.
  11. I started assembling the rear subframe tonight. I was surprised how many bolts I’m short considering I have so many then I remembered how many broke from all the rust.