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  1. Wilwood brake upgrade - points?

    Is "metal" a different material than aluminum or steel?
  2. Smartest CIVIC swap??

    You aren't giving up on the Z-car are you, @turbogrill?
  3. Smartest CIVIC swap??

    CRX vs Civic and the particular year might make things a little different. My 2 cents... if we had known better and didn't already have back-up B18B parts, I would do a K24 in our '97 EX. Works with the new swap math and it actually worked with the old swap math last year, too. At the time we swapped, B18B was the norm and we just wanted to finish a race, so I'm not terribly disappointed in our decision.
  4. VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    I don't think lack of power is the problem. Fuel capacity is still fixed. But a TDI swap on the other hand...
  5. Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    Following the "reliability items should cost points" logic, anything over 93 octane should cost points, too. No different than upgrading the cooling system to keep the engine alive.
  6. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    My brain hurts after reading this thread... It could also be that they would have been valued it so high and engine makes enough power it wouldn't work with a lot of swaps that Mike and company just decided to leave it out unless someone asks for it. Or it could have just been an oversight and they didn't realize the turbo is a different displacement and labeling the entries the way they did would automatically make it ineligible. The list is not perfect. If you know VWs, try to make sense of the Corrado entries...
  7. SMG E46 325i or 330i

    Easily flashable to 300hp? Wow, the new 1.8T must be a lot different from my old one! Bigger turbo but they figured out how to keep it driveable?
  8. I wouldn't worry. That's about a 1-in-a-million scenario. FCY is exceedingly rare. And the likelihood of the majority of the field (assuming there are even that many running at that point) coming in all at once, even less likely. Plus, the pit stalls are plenty big (in my opinion). Every race I've been to, we've had to share and you grid from your stall. No issues that we've seen.
  9. Brake cooling and upgrades

    The wording change never clicked with me before. Interesting... even though we all know what they meant
  10. Dang, I didn't even know about the 3-link. I was just referring to the fact that there were a couple different frames, like the Malibu wagon. I also seem to recall reading somewhere some of the Buicks had extra bracing in them and some of the Pontiacs had some aluminum in them where the rest were steel. Something to that effect; could be wrong. Not huge differences and not worth some of the points disparities, but still. You might see if the Olds had any goodies the Chevy didn't. You never know what you might find. If you do the body swap, going to claim it as a Cutlass diesel so you can still use the big tank, right? I think I pm'd you a while back regarding my thoughts on the unicorn out of the bunch. Just sucks you still have to deal with that suspension. Most of my daydreaming at work now is about building a Monza...
  11. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Good article I found a while back https://ateupwithmotor.com/terms-technology-definitions/gross-versus-net-horsepower/
  12. How can gross hp be so much higher than net?

    Yeah, watch the engine masters episode on fan testing. Very eye-opening.
  13. Slightly bigger gas tank for the 99 model year, which gets you almost 19 gallons and I would think pretty darn close to a full 2-hour run with the 3800. Well, not quite "all"
  14. Transport fuel mileage

    I've gotten decent mileage flat-towing our Civic with my 1/2-ton 4.8L Chevy. 11-12 mpg I think. It only gets 13-14 unloaded unless I'm drafting a semi. Pulls pretty good, too. Don't even know it's back there most of the time.
  15. It's a power to weight ratio formula. The formula penalizes you pretty hard for going significantly over that ratio with your swap. Case in point, a 305hp, 3026lb Camaro would be 9.92:1 before any other modifications. The formula thinks that's pretty absurd, so it gives absurd points in return. Not perfect by any means, but it's a heck of a lot better than the old cost-based system that allowed one to stuff a Lexus V8 into a 240SX.