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  1. In car live stream setup

    Thanks Rob, I was thinking the same thing... maybe I'll try a windshield or dash mount next. The GoPro footage is perfect and was mounted right beside the live stream phone.
  2. I’m looking for some help. I started live streaming over a year ago. I started with an Optrix case with a wide angle lens and an iphone6 and this last race at PIRC I used a proshot case with a zoom lens and an iPhone 7. If the sun is shining the slightest bit with my current set up, the video outside of the car is washed out. Screenshot from Pitt below. The iPhone 6/optrix setup was better, but we saw the same washout issue at Daytona (and I have since updated my phone). Anyone have a setup with an iPhone 7 that works better than this? Would I be better off to mount this directly to the dash? If so what mount/case setups have you used that have worked well? What other options do I have? I’m assuming there are a few people that will recommend the cerevo/gopro/mifi setup, but is it really worth the $700 + $50 monthly cell service? Can I use my mobile hotspot on my iPhone with the cerevo/gopro? It’s great that our family and friends back home can watch the races if they can’t make the trip, but I received a lot of feedback of people tuning in and not being able to see anything. Thanks, Matt
  3. Frozen milk jugs for Cool system

    We freeze 16 ounce drinking water bottles in put ~14 bottles a mesh laundry bag. At pit just swap the bag with a new one.
  4. I used the RaceCast generated password with no luck. Worked great on my phone, but not on his and I won't be making the trip this weekend.
  5. Bill, Downloaded Larix app and set up on my phone and it works. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Daytona so I went to set up someone else's phone that is making the trip. After setting it up the same way that I did on my phone I get "RaceCast : Authentication error. Please check stream credentials" Any advice? Thanks, Matt
  6. This is brutal, like making a kid wait on Christmas morning to open up their presents!
  7. I got a chance to talk to Christian, the photographer, briefly at the track. He works for Focal Perspective Media and said that he normally covers kart races, but was there to do a piece on chump for a karting magazine. He used to race for 14 years so he was having a good time covering the event. He gave me a business card and ended up sending me 2 awesome shots of our car. Give them a like on facebook and reach out to them. He was more than willing to send us these pics.
  8. PA/NY cage builders

    Check out "FC RX-7 Chumpcar" on facebook. This has lots of pictures from purchase to current state. You'll have to go way back in the pics to find clear shots of the roll cage.
  9. PA/NY cage builders

    Here's who we used in North East, PA. It's right on the PA/NY border near peak n' peek resort. Daniel's speed supply 12553 Station Road North East, PA 16428 814-725-8535
  10. Bill, It was great to hop on facebook and see what was going on at such an awesome track. Much appreciated! I saw that on Race Monitor and on one of your videos that cars were streaming live. I would love to do this, but have zero clue how. how can you set up to live stream in car? Thanks!
  11. Mosport July2/3

    Glad to hear that this weekend is a go, but the changes bring up questions for our team: -We won't be able to make the drive until Friday morning, can we jump in the CS3 sessions when we get there if we pay the additional $100? -What is the format with the CS3 sessions? I see multiple green flags for chumpcar. -Can we still camp at the track Saturday night? Thanks!
  12. Mosport July2/3

    What's the schedule for the weekend? I checked the supplemental rules, but they are for a previous race. Getting excited to make the trip and race!