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  1. Pre-Laguna, SoCal Test Day AT Auto Club Dec 2nd

    Unleashing your new secret weapon?
  2. How to make Spec Miata faster Vs E46

    The 1999 Miata is NOT a VVT motor. Those started in 2001. The 99 head is the sought after non VVT set up.
  3. How to make Spec Miata faster Vs E46

    You don't say what year Miata. If it's an NA,which I'd assume it is based on the 1.6 statement. You have a whole bunch of points to work with. Miatas are very competive out here in the West. Arsenic Racing runs a Spec platform and won the West Coast Chumpionchip. Miata PI,another Miata platform,is consistently fast and has podium ed,and won lots of events too. A bit of homework,and I think you might be very pleased with what you already have.
  4. Individual Throttle Bodies

    Not sure what you mean by this....................................... Not flaming,just asking.
  5. 2018 Schedule

    Holy Guacamole! The Full course is a 23-turn (28-apex), 4.486 mi (7.220 km) road circuit run counterclockwise.
  6. Heartbreaking would be the one word I'd use to describe the weekend. I crewed for the Time Bandit. 2 drivers,going full tilt for 14 hours. Yes the race was 16 hours,but that wasn't in the cards. @Bandit82 did some aero mods and some suspension work and the car ran flawlessly. Hauled ass too! The strategy and race craft we had planned out was working great. Stayed out of trouble and both drivers put down consistent fast laps. Our plan was to check fuel consumption with faster and faster stints to see if the 2 hour window was possible. Also in the works was putting the faster of our fast drivers in for the final run. As the 2 days unfolded we did not realize that Marvin wasn't in the hunt for the Chumpionchip. We assumed they were and we were in 3rd Place with Arsenic in 1st, Marvin 2nd. We discovered they were not in the hunt,although they were running 1st overall on Sunday. That cat out of the bag,we were in 2nd,behind Arsenic. They had a cooling issue earlier in the day that kept them in the pits for a bit. Gained a bit with that issue. They ran out of gas coming in for their final stop. I mean right at pit in! Talk about cutting it close. We were just about ready to call our guy in for our final stop,when he popped up on the radio and said he thought we lost a cylinder. Came in to the pits,popped the hood and checked the plug wires,all good. Fuel pouring from the center carb. Not good. Took the top of the carb and discovered the solder joints on the floats had broken. Brand frickin' new floats in all the carbs too. Talk about sick to our stomachs! We had similar issues at Laguna and Buttonwillow,so replaced all the floats with new ones. What are the chances? No spare in hand,we were done. What might have been had that not happened. Arsenic's hotshoe against our leadfooter. Would have been a sight I'm sure. Congrats to Arsenic Racing on a Chumpionchip well earned. Those guys can wheel that car for sure. I want to Thanks all those who were gracious enough when asked to radio their drivers to let the contenders roll through without delay. True sportsmanship. Thanks too,to all that came over to lend assistance when everything went south. That's racing. To finish first,first you have to finish. The situation was out of our control. It wasn't a bad move,by us or anyone else. It wasn't a failure of a modified part that took us out. It was a brand new part,that wasn't supposed to fail. This was the first event I was crew only. Basically had to make sure all the pit stuff got done and the driver was fed,hydrated,and diapered(I'm kidding),ready to hop back in the car. Both drivers said they were tore back a bit,but they both had a blast. We usually have 4 drivers and an extra for fire extinguisher duty. Had to keep telling ourselves,5 minutes is plenty of time to get it all done with only the 3 of us. There was plenty of time on every single stop we made. Want to Thanks Mike ,Andrea,and the rest of the CC staff, for another well executed event. An atta boy to Ben in scoring for explaining how he fixed our minor scoring snafu. It all worked out in the end. So now on to 2018.......................................................................
  7. 2018 Schedule

    Anyone know what track configuration is on tap for Utah Motorsports Park?
  8. No doubt, I suck at driving! Jamie,you wheeled the snot out of the car! It was fun to watch from track side. It's even more fun to watch in the car. I'll gladly crew anytime.........................................
  9. Very nice write up on the weekend. Could have done without the "door banging" stuff. Overall nice press for CC! Can't take credit for the fast lap of the day on Saturday. That credit goes to Jamie!
  10. Mine should be @IanMoone . It was a great weekend of racing! My first time at BW. Hell of a track with plenty of puckerfast sections. Congrats to Arsenic Racing and Miata PI for the wins on Saturday and Sunday. All the other podium finishers too. I am lucky enough to have to opportunity to drive the Time Bandit of which Jamie speaks. The car has way more potential then I have talent. Plain and simple and not ashamed to admit it. Jamie got in the car and in 5 laps, after one off track at the Bus Stop,he bested the teams fast lap of the day. After some talking and tweeking he went out and in 45 minutes set fast lap of the day in a car he had only been driving for 45 minutes! One never knows the level of talent in Chump Car. We all appreciated the input and tweeking he helped us with. We had Ben run a few laps for some more input too. All he said was "awesome,that cars a beast". More input on the car ,but I can't talk about it.................................................................. I got to go first stint on Sunday. A bit apprehensive I'll admit. Not sure what the changes made were going to do. Green flag drops and mash the gas! I thought all the changes were positive and made the car better. 10 or so laps in car started to feel a bit boggy,like it was loading up on fuel. Pitted,and boss man,chief mechanic and car builder Rod assessed we needed to change the carbs.Mission accomplished and back out in about an hour or so, Drove a bunch of laps. Learned a whole bunch. The Riverside section into Phil Hill and beyond is very fast! Hella fun too.The Esses into Sunset are equally exciting, with speed to match. Great track for going beyond what you think is possible. Although never on purpose,several off track explorations proved sufficient run off. Excellent facility. Thanks to the corner workers and track staff for a great weekend, Thanks to Mike and Andrea,and all the Chump gang for making it possible for us to live out our racing dreams. Side note I got slapped with a 2 minute penalty for passing under yellow. Rightly so,and my bad. So I got to have a nice conversation with John while in the penalty box. Good to have him back! Special shout of Thanks to Uncommon Friends and Pomona Speed shop for the use of the sawzall,vice and cutoff wheel.
  11. 2018 Schedule

    There are 20 events posted for 2018...............................Just one in the Western Region..........................................WTH?
  12. Official! Buttonwillow now a 8+7 hour enduro

    Are there showers? Some cold water immersion therapy after a smokin' hot stint would probably do anyone feeling not so great a world of good. Besides,I don't want to have to worry about not being able to stand the smell of myself!
  13. I so wish I had had the chance to do that for my dad. He drove stock cars in the 50's and quit because my mom was worried. I never got to see him race. We went to go kart tracks now and then,and he always kicked my ass. We were down at Ascot in SoCal. They had a slick track next door. Polished concrete with a bit of baby powder added. Like driving on a mini dirt track. All I could do was donuts and try to knock down the outside wall. My dad on the other hand............................man could he wheel that thing. Smoked everyone. Even some of the NorCal drivers that were down there for the Saturday night show. Sadly he never got to see me race, It might be ChumpCars, but,it no doubt is real racing on real tracks. I'd never say I was a great driver,certainly not half-bad. I'd like to think he'd get a big kick out of it all. My sister said after I drove the first time,"Daddy was in the car with you,and he was having a blast!" I hope so.
  14. Jamie- Your Avatar is WAY too serious. You need a new one! I too am glad to be able to put names with faces,cars,teams etc. The Flyin Hawaiins Two White Guys,and The Degenerate @Ian Moone (sometimes) are the Time Bandit Z. Yes, the one with the crab pots in the back. Our Grand Poohba,head wrench,CFO and car builder/maintainer is @Bandit 82