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  1. Torque wrench range?

    Definitely a nice torque wrench. For those looking to spend less for nearly all the same features my buddy picked one of these up; https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-1-2-in-Drive-Programmable-Electronic-12-ft-lb-to-250-ft-lb-Torque-Wrench/1000248545 It's nice quite as nice as the snap-on. But for someone not making their living turning wrenches I think it's an appropriate substitute. They also have it in 3/8". Also for shade tree mechanics the crank bolt can be tightened using math, a lever arm, and a bathroom scale.....
  2. Free parts here, there, everywhere. Use a dremel, 5 pts! haha wow times have changed.....
  3. I guess I’m an idiot because I still am not certain whether slotting our struts is 0 points or 5 points.
  4. Which of these cars has had a 150 pt reduction while being competitive?
  5. I'm 100% with this ^^^ @Mopar 63 so to be 100% clear, strut tower slotting on E30's will now be ruled as a 5pt modification as opposed to 0 pts as teched during the 2017 season? What about relocation of the strut mount, i.e. GWR set-up? Theirs is "Fixed" but not in the "stock" location, at least from what I've seen.
  6. Yes they easily had Chump Faces covered in the dry. No doubt about it. Most of the other E30's had us covered as well, apparently.
  7. Nice folks? Not so sure about that. I remember them being pretty sour when Chump Faces beat them. But alas, that's not the point. I'm far more concerned about ECOTEC Miatas then the MR2's. But that's just me. Both were quite fast at Road America, would have been interesting to see where they both would have ended up without issues.
  8. Cost and going to another series

    Or getting caught.
  9. So how do you explain it when you're faster through the corner and still get pulled by 8-10 car lengths?
  10. So I can make the car significantly faster.....thus making it less reliable.....thus getting more points to make it “more reliable” (read: faster).....thus making it faster.....thus less reliable....less points....etc. What I’m saying is it’s not reliable not because the VPI is correct but because THEY made it less reliable. They shouldn’t get any free hand outs because of that. Also e36’s have water pumps that fail so hopefully their VPI goes down next year.
  11. So what? Unless I'm mistaken VPI has nothing to do with reliability. If it does, it shouldn’t. VPI is for the stock car. I bet the stock car is reliable. If you make it less reliable you shouldn’t get your points decreased. I’ll stay tuned for 2018, 100 point VPI decrease for MR2’s and you can buy fuel now..... (sarcasm)
  12. Official The Eights on North - VIR North Course Dec 2-3, 2017

    That makes sense. I didn’t realize they could run both at the same time but now that I look at the track map I see the split that allows it.
  13. Official The Eights on North - VIR North Course Dec 2-3, 2017

    Correct....but why....
  14. PSS vs 'typical chumpcar tire'

    Great rain tire.
  15. Official The Eights on North - VIR North Course Dec 2-3, 2017

    What's the reason this isn't on the full course? Just curious.