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  1. Kosei K1 (E30)

    Sold. Have a set with 225/45R15 RS4’s with lots of life left that I will sell. More money though. PM me if interested.
  2. Road America fall race

    Weather is looking good! Hopefully a bit more rain will enter the forecast.....
  3. Kosei K1 (E30)

    Let me know.
  4. Kosei K1 (E30)

    15" diameter 7" wide 25mm offset 4x100 bolt pattern
  5. Up for sale is one of our sets of race wheels. They have old tires on them (205 Direzza Z1 star specs). You can use them for testing or swap on new tires. I can dismount them if you want to have the wheels shipped to you. Some of the tires have more life than others. Selling to try to convert all of our race wheels to the same wheel style. I can bring them to Road America for the Chumpionship. Otherwise wheels are located in upstate NY. $330..... only allowed 3.91mb file.......I took high res shots on my phone so PM me for more pictures.
  6. 4 things to not go cheap on

    Halo seat + Center net.
  7. Pittsburgh Grad Prix 8 and 7

    "Exciting" weekend for Shut Up Racing (car 234). This was our last event of the year and it certainly got off to an interesting start. I got stuck at work on Friday and the rest of the team headed down ahead of me to get some testing in and learn the track since it was new for all of us. I arrived around 5:15 and one of our members was out on track turning laps. Pretty much as soon as I get out of my car he comes over the radio saying something about having no power. He coasts down pit lane and then gets towed up to the garage. Crank the key.....slloooooowwwww crank. Eventually no crank at all, block is seized. We still aren't sure what happened and it will be a few weeks before I tear into it. So, it's decision time and we decide that we will send three members back to NY to retrieve the old motor (5 hrs each way, apprx). While another member and myself starting tearing the old motor out. Motor comes out pretty quick and the new motor arrives around 4:00am if I had to guess. We proceed to install the motor in the dark since the power had "conveniently" gone out. On that note, that will be the first and last time I do an engine install with flashlights. It sucks. Finally get things buttoned up around 8:30 and fire it up to get it out on grid. Race goes ok until a left front wheel bearing failed. Got it fixed and back on track to get some valuable seat time in for all the drivers. 25th so not very notable. Sunday went well. Top 10 result which was our goal. Anything inside 10th we were considering to be a better than expected result. 9th overall, 7 without EC. Definitely gotta say thanks to chumpcar and all the staff and competitors for a good season. For the most part I believe we met our goals and learned a lot. Have a few things to implement for 2018 and hopefully get some more pace. Driver development, which only comes with experience, will be a big chunk of that. Congrats to all the winners, definitely some very fast cars out there and minus a few cars I would say excellent driving by all.
  8. Seized the motor during practice. Got it out just waiting for the rest of the team to get back from retrieving the backup motor. Of course we left it 10hrs away.... hoping to make Saturday start.
  9. Post Road America ride to Chicago...help please

    I will be going through Chicago on my way back to NY. However we (wife and I) will not be there all of Sunday probably as the drive is 12hrs and I need to be at work on Monday. I can keep you informed of my plans but right now planning to leave between noon-4pm. Could end up staying longer, hard to say so early on.
  10. My money is on chump faces.
  11. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Comprehensive nut and bolt check two nights ago. Changed out the break-in oil on the new motor from testing and replaced with Redline oil last night. Also adjusted the valves and did some last minute helicoil work... Will do a fluids check tonight. Need to change rear pads and bleed brakes on Thursday and reinstall wheels. Then load on trailer for Pittrace.
  12. @DuncanDana Any chance we can test transponders on Friday? We had our new Mylaps transponder installed at Thompson and I was worried it wasn't working. Now I've done research and I believe that it has been working this whole time. That being said, I don't want to come into the pits during the start of the race just to install a rented transponder. Please advise....
  13. Loving the forecast! Looks like a nice car count too! Testing at the glen this weekend went.....like testing goes. Overall the car had much much more pace. Struggled with some intermittent misfires but we THINK that is behind us. Car keeps improving so hopefully we can do the same from a driving perspective. Hoping to keep in on track for 15 hours this weekend and get some more experience under our belts.
  14. Radio/Comm Suggestions

    This. We have a full digital setup from Sampson. The "expensive" one that isn't just a handheld radio inside the car but one you permanently mount. No issues communicating with drivers at the toe of the boot and the reception is clear. Buy once, cry once.
  15. Seat Mounts

    Make custom mounts. We made our floor mount and bolt purchased side mounts in between the seat and our floor mount. We fit a driver who is 6'5" and a driver who is 5'3" without seat adjustment. Back mounted seat so it's extremely safe as well.