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  1. JDM Engine Swap Legality

    I think Gearhead nailed it. Will submit to Mark and Phil and make sure our plans are all good. Plan B I guess is spend more money, rebuild a ragged out USDM motor and hope it never ever explodes
  2. So I did a bit of searching here and through the rulebook, but am a little unclear on whether we can legally use JDM for engine swaps. I did find a post from Bill Strong in the 2017 rule discussion that (and I'm paraphrasing here), yes, they're fine as long as they're essentially similar to USDM and have approx the same power output. More complete pic of what our team is planning: We currently run a DC Integra with stock 140hp B18B and our car comes in at 355pts after our mods. She sorely lacks uuuntz and our plan to get there is a B18C (GSR) engine. The USDM B18C1 170hp variants seem hard to find in anything but ragged to the tits scrapyard variety that add a rebuild to the cost, most resellers have stock of lower milage 180hp JDM B18C's. Close enough on hp? I dunno. Have no problem declaring 180hp in the swap calc, we have the point budget for it, but I don't to drop a bunch of coin on a swap that could get us rule weenied if we (unexpectedly) start to do well and finding a USDM seems tricky in Canada (which would really suck when we eventually blow it up and get sidelined while we source and rebuild another) Thoughts?
  3. Mini Cooper for Chump

    For 1 & 2 you need a new oil pan or it will starve. The transmissions are also very problematic and prone to going to 2nd when you wanted 4th. I know anything can do that, but it's realllllly easy to do on those C60s. They also dont like to find the next gear when you're shifting from high RPM (which you really gotta do with a 2ZZ) If you could figure out though, would be great. Loved mine (Celica GTS)
  4. We (RPR) had a good weekend, not without issues, but they pale in comparison to the above! Unfortunately I blew a couple of positions for us on Sunday by stupidly attracting a pit lane speeding 5 min penalty. Case of the red mist after getting punted off the inside of 12 by a slower car unwilling or unable to check his mirrors. Things went downhill a bit further when another driver tagged the tire wall after a brake lockup and put the wheel to the 10 o'clock position to go straight. Right front did NOT like being toed in that much and blew with two laps left to go. We got it in, changed and out in time to jusssssst finish ahead of Chump Monkey (fun race guys!) Upside, that's still an 8th place finish and the car is doing so, so much better than last year. Definitely punches above it's weight for a 275pt car, looking forward to spending that surplus this winter!
  5. Little scary seeing that, passed the accident right after it happened and it looked like an airplane crash. Was relieved to hear the driver was ok. Hope to see you guys back at it.
  6. To Anyone Looking for a New Car.

    Mine and not sure if Chumpable, but: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1286447433&utm_campaign=upsell_engine_rule_resp_testA202&utm_medium=email&siteLocale=en_CA&requestSource=b&utm_source=automated_email&utm_content=day6;VIP&utm_campaign=upsell_engine_rule_resp_testA202&utm_medium=email&utm_source=automated_email&utm_content=day6%3BVIP Negotiable!
  7. 225 RS4's on 9" inch wheels on our Intergra. Have run 'bogie and Mosport. Id say we're over 60% left on them. Incredible tires. We're running 30/29 hot.
  8. Agreed with everything Steve said. 3 events is about as much as we are able to do, perhaps could be up for 4. As much as Shannonville is run down, I love the track and would definitely be up for a race there. Mosport, 'bogie, Shannonville, done.