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  1. JM RACING in the #343 miata retired from the race around 9:30PM. As we were getting ready to set up our last two stints we had a dead battery. We got a new one in and lost power again to find the alternator stopped working. We had some little problems as well as a spin by me in turn 17 that put us on our spare tires. Still had a great time and this was on of our drivers last race with us. Thanks for providing that coolsuit system under the tower!! That was awesome! Can't wait for the next race!
  2. Official Sebring Fall 2017

    @Bill Strong are Tech & Registration Times moving up as well or is Registration still ending at 8?
  3. Official Sebring Fall 2017

  4. Where's the Official Sebring thread?

    Our team captain figured out the problem. I think the page was spitting out this response because we didn't have everyone in the new driver pool. I know last year there was over 100 cars registered, but remember something about it supposedly being "maxed out" at a number lower than what it was. Oh well.Lots of work to be ready for Sebring. Can't wait!
  5. Where's the Official Sebring thread?

    Anyone know if the Sebring event is really already capped? Get an error "Sorry, that event is full! If you contact your Regional.....". We already plan on reaching out, just wanted to see if anyone knew. Last I checked only 59 vehicles registered?
  6. Been racing with chump car for 3 years, ran Daytona all three. Raced at road Atlanta in February. Will be in the area with all my gear hoping to get a stint in. Text 407-617-2889. - Toby.
  7. Road Atlanta 2017

    We got the parts. Car finally out on the track.
  8. Road Atlanta 2017

    Could also use a 99 Miata valve cover.
  9. Road Atlanta 2017

    Any one out here have a 94-97 Alternator for a miata? If anyone does, can be reached at 321217195zero. For JM Racing car number 343
  10. Road Atlanta 2017

    JM Racing is signed up. Anyone else planning on streaming to racecast? Or know of the best carrier to use for streaming from a smart phone at RA?
  11. I'll take that advice. I was because I couldn't find a way around 17 that was comfortable enough for me to want to be side by side with traffic if I could help it (I found where I don't want to be in that corner though). Mostly everywhere else I was fine with side by side through corners. But I finally found the fast way through turn 1 by my second stint and hopefully in December I'll be able to beat my fastest lap of 2:51.
  12. I am not saying swerve out of the way, but when I was out and I saw 2 or more faster cars behind me looking for a way around or waiting for the point by, I would point to the "racing line" (which is where I day dream that I am putting down record breaking times in our stupid fast miata :D) and calmly scoot over after making sure no one was trying to zip through where I was heading. This was coupled with letting off the gas so that they could get around me and get back to concentrating on what they were doing much quicker if location allowed it. Not saying stay off line the whole race or swerve to the grass when someone approaches. But I probably didn't even obey this logic at one point or another. No ones perfect and I'm not any kind of a great driver. Anyway. It was personally my first time racing at Sebring and I had a blast. Got black flagged for making contact with a car that I was battling with (didn't actually make contact after further investigation with the pit in official) and only spun around a couple times. Can't wait for Sebring again in December and hopefully Atlanta in February!
  13. I have no clue how to add a picture right, but here is the damage (after replacing and just before going back out on track) of our car. In the heat of the moment, no one snapped pictures of broken parts. We all just scrambled to throw everything together. And then after I got in the car they stopped us for loud exhaust and found that one of the header primaries fell off so we took it back to the garage and yanked it out while searching for a header and contemplating "borrowing" the header from my girlfriends miata.
  14. Well he did need to get around the first car (was on the left) and then move to pass the E30 (that was on the right) and also complete the exit of turn 9? So yes, our driver did move back over to the left after passing the first car. I wont tag dogtired since he just said he was out, but going right would mean we need to assume that the driver is going to be coming over in front of us. Which it didnt look like when we got set in our line and although saw their car, was concentrated on getting to the braking zone. Sebring was a blast though. Im a few beers in. Im going to quit for the night while I am ahead of embarrassing myself on the internet to a bunch of people I dont or hardly know.
  15. Its all those super fast miatas. Speaking of, anyone know how that honda V6 swapped miata did? It didn't sound like it was running so great at one point.