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  1. Welcome to the new Live Stream Forum

    update: returned previous unit, got a new one (typical no hassle process thru Amazon). Worked like a champ 1st time out of the box. Guess they have a few QC issues to sort thru at Cerevo. Looking at a test stream right now on racecast and it's looks great. I think we're ready for LVMS now.
  2. Welcome to the new Live Stream Forum

    update: with no changes to settings, it quit working today. Now gives a "DHCP error" when it connects to wifi hotspot, then goes into "Discovering WiFi dongle" and just sits there. Wasted more time on the cerevo dashboard playing with settings, re-initializing to factory default and going thru the whole setup procedure again. Same error. Maybe it's just a flaky unit. Guess I'll contact cerevo next. If I could do it again I sure wouldn't go down this particular path.
  3. Welcome to the new Live Stream Forum

    Finally got it working (at least wifi ==> racecast.me connect, won't actually have camera until tomorrow). The fix appears to have been to change the security on the 6620L jetpack to "WPA2/Personal PSK", also 2.4GHz (not 5 GHz) with channel = automatic. I also syched the WiFi name and password to the cerevo unit using the 3.5mm headphone jack cable .. the scan method used in Kyle's document unfortunately never recognized any of the wifi networks in my house. I also manually verified the "cipher" method was set to WPA/WPA2 in the wifi#1 configuration scrren on the cervo (see Kyle's doc, but scroll right a couple of times the "ESSID"). Oh, and to make this whole thing that more fun, when I did all of the above it didn't actually work right away..I had to try about 2-3 times until it finally established a handshake with the 6620L and then connected to racecast... Whew, felt about as tough as a 2hr chump stint, but quite a bit longer...tomorrow I'll try the camera. - Robert
  4. Welcome to the new Live Stream Forum

    Thanks for posting that doc Kyle, it's really helpful to see step-by-step what worked for someone. That really limits that amount of things I have to try on my end. Unfortunately it still isn't connecting to wifi. For example, when I choose the wifi scan route it does not show any of the available wifi networks. I'll keep playing around with it, but I'm not very hopeful. Overall, I would NOT recommend the cerevo to other users; it definitely gives me the impression of not being a fully developed product. The unit often locks up, documentation is flat-out wrong in many places (although your guide goes a long way towards fixing things), etc.
  5. Welcome to the new Live Stream Forum

    Trying to get this set up for Team Uboot for LVMS. We have the cerevo liveshell2 and verizon jetpack 6620L. Right now the problem is I can't make the wifi connection between the two. I tried various wifi settings on the 6620L but no dice. I can connect to the 6620L with other devices, and I can connect the liveshell2 via ethernet. thanks Robert