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  1. why aren't you in florida I've got twp Toyota paseos and have just had the dubious pleasure of rebuilding both engines ( successfully I hope ) If y'aa ebver want to play in florida let me know (or i'll sell you the cars cheap
  2. just update cars are for sale and I have rebuilt both the turbo engine and the stock one will be back in florida nov1 ps don't know how old you are, but i'm turning 70 and fighting it

    I MAY have something for you ..I've got a couple of ex chump/lemons Toyota passeos and have just finished rebuilding the engines like you ten pound pommies . I am Canadian eh and go to florida end oct.. cars are there engines are with me Will try to keep in touch hoping to be ready for the new years eve sebring and/ or daytona if the will let this old fart run (retired scca racer since the 90's lol turning 70
  4. I am east of you in Boling Green fl and have two toyota passeos...just got through rebuilding both engines and will do a quick freshener on the spare later. I will not be there till late October and have no idea if I can get this act together I also have posted the cars for sale as I have an opportunity to just drive as well let me know if you have interest
  5. just updating have both the regular and turbo engines rebuilt be back in florida end oct
  6. Ok I have two Toyota passeo's for sale. BYT NOT AVAILABLE TILL NOVEMBER....I am a snowbird and return to central, florida late October, The cars are complete with cages and have both had prior chump /lemans certification one is normal the other is TURBO. I have both engines at home and have just finished rebuilding both engines . Have some spares (3rd engine) 3-4 trannys and "stuff" will probably need some upgrading and will have to have engines reinstalled ....I don't even want to think how much I have in these...but would like to see around 5000 for the pair. will consider a 55-57 chevy in trade (with cash to boot for the right car ) vgforbes107@hotmail.com
  7. I winter in bowlingbgreen and have two Toyota passeos...engines out and at home with me for rebuild....you are half my age...so a prime candidate for team member lol drop a loine if interested...looking at sebring and Daytona. but ... we may just look at doing the scca drivers school (Daytona) for cheap experience
  8. I ammsnowbird living in bowling green winters..i have two Toyota passeos engines out and being rebuilt here at home....don't know how it will go, but i'm 69 and want to do sebring and Daytona ,,,,,drop me a line if interested
  9. I am in bowling green fl winters..i have two Toyota passeos and have the engines here being rebuilt...I am 69.....if you decideyou want to play drop me a line and I think we can put this team on the track at reasonable cost
  10. nothing carved in stone YET ,,,I have two Toyota paseo chump cars all piped and previously raced....have the engines out ..one for re-ring and 2nd for complete rebuild..... I winter in bowling green fl (@30 miles from sebring ,,,, I was looking at a seniors project and have a couple of possible players, but time is always a bit of a problem I've raced stock cars ,legend cars and scca road race cars, but nothing since to late 90's ,,,I turn 70 next year and and looking to take one more kick at the cat
  11. what driver gear needed (cool suit radio hookup?) ...more interested in December but may be able to shake loose for sept
  12. ok she who must be obeyed is not happy and you KNOW what that means ....my plan for a seniors race tean has been nipped in the bud. I have two already built chump-lemon plus a spare car ( the 1 2) so i have two toyota passeo race cars that have previously passed tec and raced. one is stockisk the 2nd has a turbo ( can be returned to stock . Three engines and trans all removed for refresh. AND...i have two complete rebuild kits for the engines one .25 over inc new pistons the other a rering std kit ( no pistons) both kits include oil.water pumps timing belts and idlers ..everythin needed ...Spares in excess. located in bowling green florida need to sell before this becomes and estate sale ...email or call 772 214 0114 (before 9pm ) FIRST CASH OFFER 1500 TAKES IT