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  1. Hey guys, Some of you may have noticed that my sister was with us at the race of the weekend with her fancy camera, and now you are going to notice that she is one hell of a photographer!! This is the link to her page that basically show a couple hundred out of the 2600 shots she actually has. https://sairsunshine.pixieset.com/chumpcar-calabogie/ If any of you guys are interested in high-resolution files or high-quality prints, please feel free to contact her, I'm sure she has way more images of your team and I'm sure they're all great shots. You can contact her through email at (hi@sairsunshine.com) or on instagram (@sairsunshinephoto) It was a fun weekend for the Chumpstaff, I hope you guys had just as much fun and I hope to see you all soon! Chuck Timing/Scoring
  2. Enjoy! Chuck Timing/Scoring Castrol - Saturday - laptimes.html Castrol - Sunday - laptimes.html