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  1. I live in the Northeast section but I would be trying to fly out to other sections for some bucket list tracks like Road Atlanta, Road America, Indy Speedway, Daytona, Laguna Seca, etc.
  2. Thanks (both of you) for the info! I guess I'll try to see what happens for next year. I'll keep you in mind!
  3. Technically, no racing resume. Just an advanced HPDE driver (Group 3 by NASA Standards). I'm sure this would probably keep teams from renting out to me since I have no formal W2W experience, but if it helps, I'm consistent, level headed, and not a jerk (and I'd love to participate in a team effort).
  4. I'm mostly looking at a chance at arrive and drive next year, but I need flexibility as I don't know my schedule next year.
  5. Just wondering if this is a possibility so I have easy flexibility in planning out a possible endurance racing schedule next year to visit some bucket list tracks.
  6. Well, it's more like I am asking about this to set expectations for ourselves. We will try to win to the best of our ability with car choice and driving skill of course.
  7. Would have definitely tried snagging this up if I wasn't ridiculously far away. Looks like a good deal! Posting up more pics might help people with the buying process though.
  8. ChumpCar has been around for awhile, and I'm just wondering how the field looks these days. Not that I can base everything off forum feedback, but it looks like just about the majority of people racing in Chump now are pretty serious and have been racing for quite awhile. Just wondering what competition to expect and whether it's worth it to try to shoot for a podium or not.
  9. A NASA H4 car can be pretty decent for chump. Just add a Hondata and possibly swap out the shock depending on the setup you're running (which is likely to be a GC setup)