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Ham Sammich

Your favorite, "shows off the hobby" of chump racing video.

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I've always enjoyed this one. I ask people if they want to parade around in a fancy car or go out and wring the neck of a cheap one.



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A bit old and too long but still fun to watch. 2013 Sebring.


The last three minutes from 49:20 are good. Engine was gone and we limped through the checker but still finished our 1st Chump race. Big props to the the car behind me at pit in for seeing we needed the push in to the pits.



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This was my favorite race so far. This was also the first time we met the extremely talented Mahre brothers (Olympic medalists, longtime racers, and great guys).


They were driving a V6 Mustang with more speed on the straights, but we could outdo them a bit in the corners. They had won the Saturday race, and we were fighting for first on Sunday when the car started to overheat badly. I had to back off to avoid blowing up the engine, which miraculously started to hold water pressure again and stopped overheating. I now had a 1 minute gap to make up, and my fastest lap was ~2 seconds faster than their fastest lap. The race ended in the dark so visibility is not great, but this was the most competitive race I had yet!


I started the video just at the last stint. The earlier stuff is pretty good as well, it shows how difficult they were to pass.



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